Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Six By Six West

Hey, anyone wanna sponsor us at South By Southwest? Just askin'.

Been a little while since our world famous Six Pack series (6 killer tracks culled from our extensive collection of vinyl), so here we go again. And, there's something about a B-Side...

But first, of course, we wanna bring your attention to another matter, and we'll make it worth your while.

The Deep Blues Festival is holding it's annual Deep Blues Film Festival this January, and it's turning into a Film and Music Fest. Why should you care, outside of the great films and bands that will playing? Well, this might be your only chance this coming year to hear some of the best damn music and check out some great films.

Can't make the Fest this January? Money's tight all over, we fully understand. So here's your chance to help keep the Deep Blues alive and safe from corporate take-over! For a measly $20 you can become a member of the Deep Blues Festival society! Chris, the founder, promises plenty of exclusive perks including exclusive mp3's, which alone would pay for your membership tenfold. But don't take our word for it, check out their site and all the previously highlighted links above, particularly this one. And, here's the paypal link to make your contribution.

But, wait, there's more. We're gonna try to do our part to make this worthwhile for y'all. Remember that image we put up on our last post? Keep that in mind when deciding on whether to purchase a Deep Blues Festival membership. And save your receipts, cuz we're gonna have an important announcement before Thanksgiving, and everything's gonna tie together with special bonuses from us truly if you have a Deep Blues Festival membership. Yup.

(And, as ever, a reminder that we have no financial stake in the Fest. We're just a true believer tryin' to do our part).

Now, then, the tunes guaranteed to rock your two-step pogoin' heart!

The following Six Pack 'o' tastiness has a special feature. They're all B-Sides, whether from 7"'s or full-length LP's. There's somethin' about a B-Side. They never make it onto greatest hits collection. Occasionally you'll see them pop up on an odds'n'sods collection if they've been attached to a single. But the glory of grabbing old LP's is that the songs relegated to the "other" side are often cast into the realm of obscurity. 'Course, in this age of "completism", that may change. And, really, none of these records probably qualify, but it was fun to ramble for a moment.

So what do we have for y'all today?

Kicking things off is Kris Kristofferson and an ode to the road, booze, and leaving ("If you aint bombed in Birmingham, then you aint one of us, we don't really give a damn.") taken from his record "Jesus Was A Capricorn". Next, an organ-drenched blues ramble from the next great band you're gonna be tellin' the kids about, Rise Up Howlin' Werewolf. From their Xmas Lights Plugged In 7". The Condo Fucks are actually another band, and one you probably know very well. Special no-prize to whoever guesses, without the help of the google.

Halfway through, we're treated to a bit of jittery sleaze courtesy of The Useless Eaters and their 7" "Agoraphobic". Naturally we'd follow that up with a Johnny Paycheck drinking song, courtesy of his record "Take This Job and Shove It". Yeah, that record. And finally, South Filthy take us down the road a fur piece, into the sun and the kudzu. Not sure how many copies of their 2009 release, Undertakin' Daddy are left, but, you know, it Jeffrey Evans, Jack Oblivian, Walter Daniels, and a host of other rawk gods on it. So, there you are.

The following songs are not in any kind "best to worst" order, so you should check 'em all out. Goes without saying, I guess.

Kris Kristofferson: Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight (mp3)

Rise Up Howlin' Werewolf: You Can See The Hearse Outside (mp3)

Condo Fucks: So Easy Baby (mp3)

Useless Eaters: Information Freak (mp3)

Johnny Paycheck: Georgia In A Jug (mp3)

South Filthy: Goin' Down South (mp3)

Please enjoy the Rock and the Roll at your favorite local, independent music hall.

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