Friday, April 23, 2010

Plank Stompers

 Got a swell little mix for y'all today.  And stay tuned next week for a review of an album that just might unseat catl. for record of the year.  Yep.  We're in the process of moving (homes, not "sites"), so we apologize for the intermittent posting.  All shall be well.

Today's nifty mix is to celebrate the oncoming Spring (and eventual Summer), and the return of porch drinkin' and late nights.  And we're gonna go all honky yee-haw on yr asses.  Cuz that's our first love, dontcha know. 

We make these things based on whatever pops into our mind at the time (with at least a small theme in mind), so maybe we're repeating some shit you've already heard at this here site.  Most of it, not.  But it's all of a piece, so check it out.  Some of the best songs are towards the end.  Or in the middle.  Maybe, at the beginning.  Who knows?

Anyhow, warm up the banjos and the fiddles and the soles of yr boots, and enjoy.  Please support the artists when and if you can!

Oh, and we love the Grand 'Ol Opry.  Just sayin'. 

A BRCM Plank Stompers Mix
(mp3 link follows track list)

1. House In The Woods (The Singing Loins)
2. Vice Rag (A.A. Bondy)
3. I Like To Sleep Late In the Morning (Jerry Jeff Walker)
4. Lightning Bar Blues (Arlo Guthrie)
5. Turn Your Radio On (Merle Kilgore)
6. Draggin' The River (Ferlin Husky)
7. Humdinger (The Farmer Boys)
8. I'm The Honky Tonk On Loser's Lane (Moe Bandy)
9. Broken Hearted Beauty Queen (Willie Heath Neal)
10. Hinges (Blood Oranges)
11. Don't All The Girls Get Prettier At Closing Time (Mickey Gilley)
12. Got My Mind On The Border Of Mexico (Charlie Walker)
13. Dusty Road (Norma Jean)
14. Griselda (Unholy Modal Rounders)
15. Blue Eyes (International Submarine Band)
16. Sugarland USA (Dave Dudley)
17. Sunshine (The Meat Purveyors)
18. Porch Song (Trailer Bride)
19. I'll Be There (Hackberry Ramblers)
20. Ballad Of The Swinging Church (Johnny Bond)
21. Good Old Fashioned Saturday Night Honky Tonk Barroom Brawl (Vernon Oxford)
22. Moonshine Hollow (Jimmy Martin)
23. C'mon Through Carolina (Tom House)
24. Dead Skunk (Loudon Wainwright III)
25. Polk Salad Annie (Tony Joe White)
26. Harlan County (Jim Ford)
27. The Pub On The Corner (The Singing Loins)
28. The Party's Over (Willie Nelson)
29. Shine On Me (Ernest Phipps)

BRCM Plank Stompers Mix (mp3)

Please support yr local, independen mix-taper.


Anonymous said...

Thems hip vittles in that skillet I tell ya.. Thanks...

Mark W'

bigrockcandymountain said...

Thank you very much, sir! We try our damndest!

Anne said...

Thanks! This is a great mix!

Mark P said...

Well, I guess you're my local, independent mix-taper. Keep'em comin'!

schoppenaas said...

What's cookin', Big Rock? Thanks for pooring all those great tunes in there, I truly dig your style man.

michael said...

For years "dead skunk" would creep into my mind. Heard it maybe three times in my entire life up until now and with the new radio formats I thought I would never hear it again.

Thanks for unlocking many fond memories!

Anonymous said...

Man, i LOVE your site - visit it everyday HOPING to see a new post. I know you take your time, doin it right and rushing, but c'mon dawg! it's been almost a month. I need a BRCM fix. :-) keep up the good work - i'll keep checking.

shayne in louisville

bigrockcandymountain said...

Thanks for yr comments folks. We've just about unpacked from our move and should have a new post (fingers crossed) up in a couple of days. And it'll be a good 'un!

Anonymous said...

Great post!

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Ah Fong said...

great mix, i thought track 11 was a jesse dayton number till i checked

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