Friday, April 09, 2010

Six Pack Satellite

 Yep, we've got us another round of our world famous Six Pack series.  This one's all set to blast y'all off into the weekend.  If you're not sure what this is all about, well...we take six tasty tunes from our collection of vinyl rekkids and post 'em up here for your listening pleasure.  None of that pansy-ass "normalization" or whatnot.  Nope, straight from wax to digital, as-is, in all it's popped and crackled glory.  Why?  Because we care.   You're the very air we breathe, brothers and sisters.

Hit it!

First off, we got a tune we probably spent way too much for, but got-damn it was worth it.  One of the finest songs we've ever heard.  "I'm Alive" by Johnny Thunder (not the New York Dolls feller) is a soul-stompin', psych-fuzzed howler of a masterpiece.  Revel in it.  We could only follow that up with a Walter Daniels (Jack O'Fire, Big Foot Chester, South Filthy, etc., etc.).  From his new 7", Harmonica! (On Ghost Highway Recordings), "Take Your Foot Out Of The Sand..." is a fuzzy reel, full of fiddle, banjo, harmonica, and a helium-voiced shout out y'all (and yeah, we're pretty sure it's supposed to sound that way...33 1/3 sounds like a dead zombie).  A back porch foot pounder! 

Time for a drink, then, courtesy of The Queen of the Party Record, herself, Ruth Wallis"Booze Is The Only Answer" is typical of her 50's output,  loungey, saucey, and burlesquely risque.  And it's about booze, by cracky!  From her record, "Hot Songs For Cool Knights".  Check yr e-bay listings.

A new record from Billy Childish is always welcome, and we've got a nifty little 4-song EP from him and the Musicians Of The British Empire, out on SmartGuy Records.  It's Childish doing "Daddy Rolling Stone".  Need we say more?

Next up is a feller who makes John Darnielle sound like a studio wizard.  We're gonna do a full post on Uke of Phillips shortly, so for now please enjoy "Greensboro, N.C.", a swell little knockabout from his record "Peppermint Birdhouse Tea Shanty Shack."

And, wrapping things up, we've got 60's folkie Niela Miller with "Daddy Went To Jail".   "...I'll be back with the morining sun."

Johnny Thunder: I'm Alive (mp3)

Walter Daniels and the Gospel Clodhoppers: Take Your Foot Out Of The Mud And Put It In The Sand (mp3)

Ruth Wallis: Booze Is The Answer (mp3)

Billy Childish and the MBE's : Daddy Rolling Stone (mp3)

Uke of Phillips: Greensboro, N.C. (mp3)

Niela Miller: Daddy Went To Jail (mp3)

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