Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walkin' Down The Line

More twang, you say?  Okey Doke.

Andy Dale Petty, well, he's got an old soul.  And a banjo.  And he's looking at you through a rearview mirror tilted just so, making the lights from the passing cars pulse in slo-mo, a movie at midnight, with Jesus and Joe Hill starring as two drifters in Alabama, drinking corn whiskey and runnin' from the cops.

So, on travellin', Petty finds us some backwoods, and stringed and hiccuped, finds us some hay bale salvation, finds us some sepia-spritzed breakdown, finds us some kinda foggy mountain "round she goes". 

Oh, and his rekkid, "All God's Children Have Shoes" is on Voodoo Rhythm.  Go figger. 

Live Nude Women are not featured here.  Just thought we'd mention that.

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