Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Warm Whiskey

Well, guldarnit, another Country music day.

Gonna pick yr bumpkin ear today about a feller we covered a few years ago.  But that was awhile ago, and we think Willie Heath Neal deserves yr continued attention.  So go back and read our previous post, and slink back thisaways for some more rebel Country done right.

Neal's got a new record out (well, it came out last year, but we missed it, somehow, in the jumble of vinyl lust).  It's called "Out Of Highway",  and it's pure Country gold, full of drinkin', fightin', lovin', and the open road.  It hearkens back to the classic records put out by Waylon, Willie, and their bastard kin in the late 60's/early 70's, bucking the homogenization of Country Music, and shit-kickin' and beer-tearin' their way down the long, lonesome highway. 

Along with other 'Mountain faves like Hayes Carll and James Hand, Willlie Heath Neal gives us continued hope that Country aint dead, it's right in front of us and taking no prisoners. 

Enjoy, and feel free to two-step.  Aint gonna hurt you one bit.

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Ted D said...

Thanks, sir. I mentioned Mr. Neal, his songs, and your blog on this post:

wecrosscountry said...

thx for that! nice hint to willie nelson...