Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get A Grip

Wanna draw yr attention to a swell little record label today.

ColdRice Records specializes in the type of scuzzy trash'n'country'n'blues that serves the beating heart of our libido. One-man, two-man, full-on beat and bashers, wailing filthy shit over primitive groove and soggy bottom.

Here's the shtick with ColdRice...you pay what you think they deserve for a download. None of this $20 an album nonsense. Nope, it's all up to you. Pretty keen, huh?

Their whole catalog is pretty groovy, but we've got three artists in particular that we think are super-duper.

Black Mekon is our favorite. A two-piece making sleaze-soaked Blues like Elvis fucking the corpse of Hasil Adkins in a graveyard littered with the bones of holiness tent revival preachers. Yep.

Swampmeat has a more Country take on the devil's music, but are still fishing from the same blown-out tire stewn pond as Black Mekon, grimy with the floating detritus left from a night visiting porn shop video booths.

And The Solid Soul Disciples features Uncle (Marco) Butcher , backed up by the Black Mekon boys, plus guests. A super-group of soulful dirt-bags, clanging and battering at the tropes of rope-a-dope, Gloria in Excelsis fuck-off.
ColdRice is the label. Check it out.

Better than yr mom, then.

Black Mekon: Get A Grip (mp3)

SwampMeat: I'm A Fucker Not A Fighter (mp3)

Solid Soul Disciples: Roam And Wander (mp3)

Black Mekon: Lo'r My Dying Hed (mp3)

SwampMeat: Tell The Devil (mp3)

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