Monday, March 22, 2010

Suicide Blues

Hey, hey, and RIP Alex Chilton.

We're gonna try something different this week, culminating in a Deep Blues Friday post about one of the best damn bands around, and our early entry for album of the year. We'll see if anyone notices the change, or complains. Honestly, we have no idea who our audience is anymore.

Brimstone Howl is a band outta Omaha, Nebraska. But they don't sound one damn bit like most of the whiny, turgid, emo shit that normally one associates with that city.

A sludgy, yowling blues-punk mess of sonic nastiness, Brimstone Howl lives up to it's name, collecting yr two-bit penance on the way to eternal damnation. Fuck, yeah, this is fist pumping devil-rock shit, sold at the crossroads for a bottle of Old Grand-Dad Whiskey.

You can get their rekkids from Alive, an essential label in any form.

Brimstone Howl: Suicide Blues (mp3)

Brimstone Howl: End Of The Summer (mp3)

Brimstone Howl: Obliterator (mp3)

Thanks for stopping by. Please buy records. They're good for you.

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