Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shed His LIfe

7 Inch Alert!

Recently got a rekkid from the amazing Fast Takers, outta Portland, Oregon.  We get a lotta shit round these parts, mostly indie-pop and hip-hop 'n' techno (honestly, does anyone read this site?). A modicum of it's pretty killer, and most of it's...well...not exactly in keeping with whatever style(s) we try to achieve here in our humble internet abode.  The labels we really love are probably too smart to send us anything, cuz we're gonna buy it anyway.

The Fast Takers, on the other hand, know exactly what kind o' noise we like, and we're keen to pick yr ear about how great their new 7" is.

We don't normally do this, but here's a couple of quotes from their "one-sheet" (we think it sums it up better than we could...): "Yes, we were named after a Manowar song."  and "Yes, our lead singer is sexy, blind, and Mexican." (so, take that, Arizona).  We questioned them on that last quote, and here's what drummer Eric clarified: "Long story short is that Hernan (the singer) indeed has a pretty severe vision impairment. All in all it makes for a unique and often fearless stage show   Most folks don't know what to make of him stumbling around. they think its either the long hair or the drink.  In a tight stage setup, I find my drums/cymbals are definitely "in-play". Alas, he's closed the set with at least one unexpected dismount from the end of the stage.  I've suggested putting him on a safety-tether more than once -- no insurance and all..."

Do you need to know more?

Ok, then.

The Fast Takers make the kind of of buzzing, garbage-smeared, sonic-shaved balls-out rock'n'roll that many so-called "punk" bands can only dream about in their wettest sheet-soaked dreams.  Yup.  Fuzzed-out  garage blast-off, with the perfect nihilistic snark and snot-drenched vocals.  Methinks  I detect a touch of glam, but, shhhhhh, don't tell anyone.  It's a dirty alley fuck'n'run, all sleaze and empty kleenex-box release, and yr crawling back to yr crib like the wasted whore you know you are.

This is one of our fave rave 7"'s of the year.   Check out their site to order this waxed-off piece of trash.

One of the songs is off their new 4-song 7".  The other is a demo for an upcoming (fingers crossed) release.  Figure it out.

The Fast Takers: Shed His Life (mp3)

The Fast Takers: Spiritual Bleeder (mp3) 

Please support whatever you want.  Just try to avoid the corporate muckity mucks.


schoppenaas said...

A dirty alley fuck 'n' run, empty kleenex-box release indeed! :-)

Anonymous said...

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