Thursday, July 15, 2010

Six Pack In The City

Good Times!

Got another hot rockin' round of our Six Pack special today.  Soon, we'll get back to covering actual individual artists.  How about some Abner Jay next week?  Yr wish is our command.

Before we dive into our semi-regular round of vinyl goodness, we've got a special announcement!

This Friday we're venturing out to Milwaukee for a weekend of booze and music with some good friends.  While there, we're gonna be a guest on the great free-form radio station, WMSE, 91.7 FM ("Anti-Established in 1981").     The show is called  Zero Hour Radio, and it's hosted by "Andy" who has his own site with archives of his fantastic shows, and , coincidentally, was a contributor to our very own Top 100 Drinking Songs (remember that?).  The show streams live on the internets, and will be this Friday from 12-3 in the afternoon (Central Time, kiddies).  So why should you check it out?  Well, besides me, Andy will be doing his usual brilliance, spinning the best in trash, garage, beat-soul, etc.  Our favorite reader (and WMSE DJ), John (from Milwaukee) will be on hand as well.  Oh, and there's a rumour Jack Oblivian and/or John Paul Keith might join us for a short while (enabling an Oblivians set, you betcha).  And finally, well, I'll be there, possibly presenting my best records of the year, so far.  It's gonna be a fun show, and all y'all should tune in!  Again, this Friday, on WMSE (that's the link to the online stream), from Noon-3.  (And if you're feeling particularly snarky, they have a phone number you can call in to for requests and whatnot....just sayin').

Now for another Six Pack o' tunes from our vinyl treasure trove.

First up is a slow funk burner, "Tire Shop Part 1" from the recently passed King Lee of New Orleans, with Quintron on all "instruments".  It's pretty fuckin' great, and perfect for your summer low-ridin' enjoyment.  Get it here, cuz you're gonna need it. 

We move from New Orleans to Tex-ass and John Wesley Coleman III's "Donkey Song", a slab of western-tinted fuzz'n'snot.  From the killer record "Steal My Mind".  More on Coleman later. 

On to Oregon for The Range Rats, and the tune "Thunder Road" (not the one your thinking of). The band is Fred and Toody from Dead Moon/Pierced Arrows.  It's a Country record, made back in the day and finally getting a release.  It's exactly as great as you think it is.  Hunt for it...cuz it's on Mississippi Records.

Moonshiner and tale-teller Hamper McBee's got some crazy ass backwoods folk shit going  on.  From his record "The Good Old Fashioned Way" , recorded back in the late 70's, and finally seeing release on Drag City.  This record is pretty much a must for any fan of "outsider" music (whatever the hell that is), Country, or great storytelling in general.

You probably already know who Tandoori Knights are.  If not, you will soon.  It's a Rolling Stones cover.  It's on Norton.  'nuff said.

And from Chicago, we've got the hollerin' garage-soul blues of Big Whiskey"Howl For Me" is pure swamp adrenalin.  Pogo 'til you're sore.

Collect 'em all and enjoy!  It's all vinyl and all good!  See you on the radio!

King Lee (w/Quintron): Tire Shop Part 1 (mp3)

John Wesley Coleman III: Donkey Song (mp3)

The Range Rats: Thunder Road (mp3)

Hamper McBee: Methodist Pie (mp3)

Tandoori Knights: Gomper (mp3)

Big Whiskey: Howl For Me (mp3)

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