Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cheatin' Vs. Hangovers

Still time to vote in poll off to the side!  What do you want our next Top 50 list to be?  Cheatin' songs or Hangover songs?  Speak now, or no complaints down the line.  And if you wanna be a judge, and help keep us honest, let us know!

So here's a quickie sampler of what y'all got to choose from.  Two stone cold classics from each option.

You should everything by Kris Kristofferson, of course. The man's a legend.  And, in "Sunday Morning Coming Down", he might have composed the greatest hangover song of all time.

Dan Penn, often with Spooner Oldham, crafted some of the great  slow-burn Southern Soul songs of the '60's.  He certainly deserves a full post of his own. In lieu of James Carr's version of  "Dark End Of The Street", we're gonna tease you with Penn's take on his own creation.  'Cuz it's really fuckin' great.  All the cheatin' and all the fearful consequences lingering..

Of course...more to come.  So vote in the goddamn poll, already!   It's right your left.  Which deserves it's own Top 50 List??? 

Kris Kristofferson:  Sunday Morning Coming Down (mp3)

Dan Penn: The Dark Side Of The Street (mp3)

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Mark said...

Come on cheaters.