Friday, October 01, 2010

Six Pack of Love

Gettin' ready for our favorite season, Autumn, and a post of one of our new-found favorites, but figgered we'd offer up a quick little 6 Pack (plus one) for yr weekend record shopping...erm...listening enjoyment.

But first...We want your opinion!  After the world-wide success of our Top 100 Drinking Songs, we think it's about time for another definitive list, one in which there can be no argument!  So, we're thinking of two options...Top 50 Cheating Songs or Top 50 Hangover Songs.  What do you think, faithful readers?  Which list is most appealing?  Of course we'll be looking for a few good women and men to help us judge, and we'll be looking for a ton of suggestions, whichever the pick is,  so keep that in mind.  Here's the deal, we need you vote in the poll to the left to help us decide which list it'll be.  Once the poll closes, we're gonna start begging y'all for judges and song suggestions.  Feel free to start either of those options now, of course.

Alright, alright.  That done let's kick out a little vinyl goodness in the form of our semi-regular Six Pack series, where we select some random killer tunes culled from our vinyl collection.  You know the drill.  So let's go. (oh, and we might have a bonus track...cuz that's how the kids roll these days...). 

Mountain faves Del Reeves and Billie Jo Spears team up for a truckin' and truck stop love song.  You just know we're all over this shit.  And how about Tom T. Hall givin' it up for a little sanctified lust?  Mmmm hmmm.   

Jim Mize has a new 7" out which features maybe the best song of the year, "Drunk Moon Falling".  We're not gonna give that to you.  You should really own that record (it's cheap!).  But the B-Side, "I Won't Come Back Again" is pretty fuckin' fantastic too.  And it's only a teaser to how great the A-Side is.  Seriously, if you buy the 7", which you deserve as a music fan, and can prove that you've got it (shame on you for not owning a record player), we'll send you an mp3 of the title song.  It's well worth yr goddam time.  Oh, and Mountain favorite John Paul Keith plays on the you know it's good.

Jack Oblivian...well, damn.  It's Jack Oblivian.  Can we preach his glory more on this site.  Just listen to the goddam track and go out and grab the catalog.  It's worth it.  This is from a 7" put out by Vice Records.   

We have no idea who the Coal Diggers are.  They're a polka band that we found a random record for in the bins.  If you find one of their records, grab it, dammit.  The song is a brilliant distillation of  a band on the edge of alcoholic indulgence.

And then we've got a psychedelic "God" song from a record commemorating the ultimate "Jesus People" experience, "Jesus Sound Explosion".  Just sit back and revel in the early 70's attempt at "hipster nowness".  The song is pretty fuckin' great, all divine soul groove.  Also, for fans who ever read all the "christian" Archie know who you are.

Finally, it's our boy Robert Mitchum, waxing road weary and boozy.  We love Mitchum as an actor, he's one of our fave raves, but on his musical recordings, he's transcendent.   A Country tramp, an Exotica beatnik, a man with a past and future uncertain.  Damn, he's a swell hobo in spangled Hollywood lights, aint he?

So, that's seven songs in this Six Pack.  Well, don't tell us we aint generous.  Call it a Baker's Dozen in "take home" lingo. 

Evey song is a classic.  Collect 'em all.  Why be selective?

Del Reeves and Billie Jo Spears: Baby, Ride Easy (mp3)

Tom T. Hall: The Little Lady Preacher (mp3)

Jim Mize: I Won't Come Back Again (mp3)

Jack Oblivian: The Lone Ranger Of Love (mp3)

The Coal Diggers: Don't Throw Beer Bottles At The Band (mp3)

Armageddon Experience: One Way (mp3)

Robert Mitchum: Gotta Travel On (mp3)

Please support yr local, independent One Hour Motels.  Good times.  


Paul said...

I think a top fifty cheating songs would be a lot more interesting. I hope you do it.

Also, the Little Lady Preacher is a fantastic tune.

Josh said...

I second the request for the cheating songs. It should be fun...


Anonymous said...

Cheatin' songs!

bigrockcandymountain said...

Hmmm..."cheatin'" songs seems to be pulling ahead...Any defenders for "hangover" songs out there? I'm neutral on the issue, just anxiously awaiting to see how much work y'all are gonna put me to.