Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Damn Old Sun

It's a well known fact we love us some one-man band action 'round this side of the eternal mountain.  And today we've got a madroad driven skull fuck of a record to turn ya all the way up on.  Kick on yr black light, and assemble yr gatefold lp appropriately.

Feller goes by the name of Chicken Diamond, and he hails from North-East side of France (what is it with France and great one-man bands?).  He's got a slab of burnt tire vinyl comin' out on Beast Records, and stompin' our ass into powder.

It's a loud record.  Really, really loud.  In a glorious, fuzzy, xpressway to yr spine kind of way, rattled and raw.  Chicken's voice, a bastard child of Tom Waits and James Leg, wails "sinners in the hands of an angry god"-syle salvation, 'til yr ears are hoarse and yr throat is parched gasping water, lord, water from the sacred well.  Brutal throbbed kick drum pounds sex beat degenerate lust.  And some of the filthiest fuckblues guitar, drowned in a swamp and emerging covered in the goo goo muck of creation.  Tribal, pulsing, very, very evil.  The kind of guitar slime that gives you bad thoughts, reeks of white lightning, and scrapes, scratches and claws at yr soul.

This is not a record yr parents will like.  Not a record the guitar shop dude who likes Stevie Ray and BB King is gonna like.  Not one bit.  This isn't a nice record.  It's a dirty record, mud encrusted with evil intentions, to be played while doing bad things.  Hellfire and damnation.  Sleaze and sin. 

The record is mostly a full on blast of punk blues jet fuel, particularly on tracks like "Bones", "Damn Old Sun", "Factory Smoke", "Damn Old Sun", and "Me and My 44".  You also get some seriously psyched-out droners a la "Come Home", "Power of the Ancient People", and a transcendent cover of "Sister Ray"

Ultimately the track "Bones", which Chicken Diamond was kind enough to let us share,  is the culmination, a nasty bit of frenzy and hollerin', greased pig running wild in a yard full of naked heehaw honeys, digging up the skulls of Junior K. and H. Wolf, and humpin' 'em silly.

The record comes out in JuneYou can pre-order it at Beast Records.  They're only pressing 500 copies of this fucker, so grab yours now.  That way you've got bragging rights down the line when Chicken Diamond conquers the world.

Don't take our word for it...listen below.

Chicken Diamond: Bones (mp3)

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Andy said...

Damn if you don't make me want to slobber over this one!


nicolas said...

Thats a great record!
On stage He rock's !
I know this guy and he's a very nice man.

James Keyes said...

Oh hell yeah!