Friday, May 27, 2011

Tally Ho!

Tally ho, faithful friends!  Been away too long, but hope y'all have enjoyed a break from our normally (and nominally) rambling posts.  Today's gonna kick yr sweet tuckus.  Guaranteed.

Today is another round of our series (random, as they are) of The Greatest Song Ever Written (At Least For Today), where we highlight a song, for the sake of the song.  No wordy exposition.  No Mountainesque rambling.  The song is the star.  Of course, we always encourage folks to support the artists' (or their legacies) involved.

It's no secret that we're obsessed with, well, a variety of things.  Country, Truck Drivin' music, Greasy Blues, Trash'n'Sleaze, etc.  But did y'all also know that  we worship at the altar of New Zealand?  Particularly the nascent Flying Nun releases?  Well, now you know.

The Clean are, most likely,  almost as influential as The Velvet Underground.  Brothers David and Hamish Kilgour and Robert Scott crafted  some of the greatest, swirling, droney pop ever laid to wax.  We could spend paragraphs singing their praises.

But, as we said, we're gonna let the song speak for itself. organ-drenched, sun-spackled slab of surging Kiwi ecstasy.  And all done under 3 minutes.  The greatest song ever written (maybe for all time)! 

The Clean: Tally Ho (mp3)

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The Riverboat Captain said...

Saw them a couple of months ago - still rockin'.

Timmy said...

Intriguing blog, very informing, I didn't knew that there was a group named The Clean.

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