Monday, September 23, 2013

Growling At The Moon

Hey ho, here we go!

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Now that that little bit o'business is over...

There's a great fest coming up...The 2nd Annual Chicago Guitar Box Festival ...and man, it's a good 'un!  (featuring The Ten Foot Polecats, Johnny Lowebow, White Trash Blues Revival, the mighty Lou Shields, and Tony Manno, amongst others...). Hopefully we'll see y'all there in November (plenty of time to book yr flight).

One of the great artists playing at the fest is Lone Wolf OMB.  And he's our cover artist for this post...

We have a great love for one man (woman)'s got a bit of history...Abner Jay, George Coleman, Molly Gene, Bob Log III, Hasil Adkins, Husky Burnette, Baby Ruth, and, well..check this link (we're still working through it ourselves).  What makes them great, besides the killer tunes, is the unique personality infused into the performance.  While the records are great, the real joy is seein' 'em live (those that haven't passed, that is).   We're due for a length piece on One "Person" Bands, and the inherent meme thereof shortly (but asking for a longer piece). For now, let's concentrate on one...

LoneWolf OMB plays some seriously nasty groove, tearing off shreds of geetar rhythmn'swelter, lowdown drivin' blooze punk coutry pickup truck travelin'!  Mr. Lone Wolf hollers and harmonica-izes the ends of the earth, kicking out sleaze and swampy grit-down alligator chomping...follow, brothers and sisters. to the end of the ocean-washed shore.

A voice, stomped and filtered through the finest Florida tar, look and see the Man, regaling the disintegrating concrete, fluid and distilled, bad whiskey in delirium didn't know the dance you made, but it was the ends of the earth..thus, is Lone Wolf OMB.  


Lone Wolf OMB: I'm o' Take You On Out, Baby (mp3)

Lone Wolf OMB: Masked Marvel (mp3)

As always...please support yr local artists...see a show, buy some merch...that's how these folks make their money.  Music aint free...these folks are workin' and workin' hard for pennies.  Ya like what ya hear?   Thank the bands by helpin' 'em make a living. 

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