Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rocket To The Moon

 Space is the place, as our buddy from Saturn, Sun Ra, used to say.

And that's today's theme in our ongoing series, Essential Comps Everybody Should Own!  (or something like that, we're still tweaking what we're gonna call it).

Buffalo Bop  has been a force of nature in comps for a good while now.  They're loosely associated with/helpfully distributed by, the essential Bear Family Records. Buffalo Bop comps usually have a theme: Drinking, Juvenile Delinquency, Trains, Hot Rods, Rockabilly, Jungle, etc.  All the things that the Mountain loves. Many of the songs are from public domain or from regional record labels of the 1950's and 1960's.  All of their comps are highly recommended by us!

One of the more interesting of their comps is Rockin' Orbit, a collection of Country-Billy space-themed tunes informed by Cold War, nuclear fallout shelters, comic books, and the search for the "other" in the grand spinning diorama above us.  There's some cheesy stuff, and lots of "count-downs" in many of the songs (kinda charming in a way-back-when way), but when the Country and Rockabilly kick in, it's killer stuff! Kickin', hollerin' cows on the moon space-billy goodness!

Take a time travel to distant worlds, then, a rollickin' hillbilly take on the space race, greasy rocket fuel and juiced-up dreams of mysterious night skies and escape! 

Rockin' Orbit is...wait for it...Outta this World!!!! It's a Country-Billy travel into outer space!

 Eddie Cletro: Flying Saucer Boogie (mp3)

Jackie Lowell: Rocket Trip (mp3)

Fabulous Imperials: Moon Beat (mp3)

Support yr local artists.  To the moon and back!

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