Friday, January 02, 2015

Leave You Low, Come Time To Go

Part 3 (of 4) in Big Rock Candy Mountain's Best of 2014 list!   The rekkids that rawked our world, and moved our soul in mysterious ways (sometimes a bit shamefully, we must admit)!  It keeps gettin' better, folks, so wrap yrselves in tin foil, damn that pesky sun, stomp the earth off its axis and git yr holler on!

The Big Rock Candy Mountain Best of 2014 (Part 3)

20. The Pine Hill Haints: The Magik Sounds Of...

Fiddle swirled hootenanny, with nods to Pogues-ish shanty breakdown, back porch punk'n'cuntry yelp and do-si-do, two-step rebellion, stars twinkling over stomped embers.

The Pine Hill Haints: Shattered Waltz (mp3)

19. Jimbo Mathus: Dark Night Of The Soul

South, by the grace of god, dirt road soul, the bar closing, but we've got a special dispensation to stay and drink and stay and drink and stay and drink, the morning light filtering in, with the backyard rusted jalopy dusty and tremble-started, sputtered sixer roar down back avenues, whipping the whippoorwill in breeze.

Jimbo Mathus: Tallahatchie (mp3)

18. Useless Eaters: Bleeding Moon

Angular scuzz, shout the cracked pavement distorted and shimmering, we own the night, soaked in bodily fluids, gauzy neon blinked and shorted, and blood...yes, blood.

Useless Eaters: Out In The Night (mp3)

17. Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: All Her Fault

Ms. Golightly (and cohort Lawyer Dave) has been re-inventing the "old weird america" for years now (from her days as founder of the mighty punk Thee Headcoatees, and her own noir-soul solo rekkids)...each successive record in her exploration of  the kudzu back roads of 'Merica yields stronger and stranger crossroads, An equal parts kiss-off and love letter, All Her Fault is both a piss-take and a tribute (politics and style, successively).

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: SLC (mp3)

16. Bobby Patterson: I Got More Soul

Greasy curbside soul, baby, drenched in horns/organ/ scratch geetar, move yr hips, sway the dancefloor, get sexytime all over yr loved one, ass rubbed up to crotch swinging stomp, the night for loving, the morning for slow jam belief in tomorrow.

Bobby Patterson: Everybody's Got A Little Devil In Their Soul (mp3)

15. Elam McKnight: Made To Fall

Floorboards quaking, stomped and distilled gin vocals, joyous and sad, beats'n'roots cornstalk swaying in sepia, the underbelly and the last ember lighting the night sky....back porch on fire, sad songs swung groove, they mean so much.

Elam McKnight: A Little Bit Of Love (mp3)

14. Chicken Diamond: My Name Is Charles "Chicken" Diamond

Superfuzz bigtrash, Mississippi burning, oil-splattered waste, deep down dream in gutteral voice ripping the cotton out of socket, peel back 3-chord distorted wonder, howlin' wolves homeless and hungry, blood soaked teeth fighting halogen bulbs oncoming.

Chicken Diamond: Motorcycle (mp3)

13. Twin Peaks: Wild Onion

Chicago's own, the kids are allright, flat-lined garbage collection, the dirty streets grimed and littered with the waste of giants fallen, fuck that bullshit, doin' it our own gutdurned way, melody under fog and sweatin' spazz destructo melody...the World on the end of a string.

Twin Peaks: Fade Away (mp3)

12. Ty Segall: Manipulator

Prolific like Bob Pollard, finally a focused manifesto (whatever that means), epic sprawl, psych'n' rawk'n'pop'n'swirl......geetar destruction, codified vocals over meat mashed whatever-fi production, boogie indie kids, primal rhythm dropping down into tattered sheen, long road acid indulgence.

Ty Segall: It's Over (mp3)

11. Obnox: Louder Space

Yes, Lamont "Bim" Thomas is one half of the Bassholes, which should be enough, of course (not counting his work with The Puffy Areolas and The Unholy Two, amongst others)...but his solo work, under Obnox, has transcended side project.  Loud, destructive, distorto-exploded fuzz holler, kill yr idols blasts of noize'n' deconstruction thrash garbage pail blitzkrieg.  Take yr expected privilege and blow it the fuck up, White Cop kill young Black man, and Obnox gonna sear yr mind with caustic fuck you to power structure, all the while blowing speakers with sonic cataclysm.  This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg....monumental sound loosed on an unsuspecting populace.  More, please....

Obnox: Mecca Son Shine (mp3)

Best of concluding soon....Please support all these artists, and more, yes, with yr dollars.   Bands aint playin' for free (would you pay yr plumber in "appreciation"?  No?  So why not the bands who endure shitty conditions and crappy promoters to "entertain" you...).  Don't be a cheapskate (cuz, you suck as a human being)! Give yr Love in something one can pay the bills in!


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