Wednesday, December 31, 2014

She'll Lead You Down Through Misery

Ready for the Rockin' and the Rollin'?  Sex, drugs, teenage rebellion, and dancin'!  That's what it's all about daddy-o!   Feller recently told us that the geetar was gonna be dead in a few years.  Since it's survived (in all it's variations...we're talkin' 'bout whatever someone strummed with strings to get laid) for centuries, we ain't quite ready to bury!  As long as some 14-year old kid is screaming 'bout not gettin' satisfaction and cigarettes, we figger we're all gonna be all right, cats and kitties!

Day 2 of the World Famous Big Rock Candy Mountain Best of 2014 list!!!  Can you handle the delinquent thrill????

(and, humbly, please let us know what great rekkids we missed this year...)

If ya aint groovin', ya aint gettin'!!!!!

The Big Rock Candy Mountain Best of 2014 (Part 2)

30. Neneh Cherry: Blank Project

Cherry continues to stretch the boundaries (after her transcendent and essential Cherry Thing rekkid from a couple years ago), mixing soul, free jazz, beats and skronk into a melange of joyous rhythm and blues, her lyrics challenging and her voice a mix of sex and the deeply soulful...a modern Nina Simone, and hugely underrrated.  This record swings and throbs, jitters and quakes.  A powerful statement from a powerful artist at Her peak.

Neneh Cherry: Spit Three Times (mp3)

29. Amy LaVere: Runaway's Diary

Desert noir, sand-blasted voice of angel, smoked to the filter, the final motel at the end of the road, lights shot out and the sound of your sleepless nights under sparking neon.

Amy LaVere: Dark Moon (mp3)

28. Jonah Gold and His Silver Apples: Pollute The Airwaves

Big Beat daddy-oh!  Kickin' jams surged and nasty, bashed not a-bashed, rawkin' sonic groovy, pedal to the metal killer car crash, stripper pole at the end of days optional.

Jonah Gold and His Silver Apples: Neanderthal Beat (mp3)

27. The Blind Shake: Breakfast of Failures

Twitchy, booze-infused punk rawk, angular and aggressive, these cats have been carrying the torch, the flame a centralia candle attracting mutant bugs dancing/pogoing around the flickering finale of civilization.

The Blind Shake: Young Carnival Waste (mp3)

26. Quintron: Spellcaster II Death In Space

A return, and returning laying down the sleaziest holler, massive organ, traded vocals, sweaty drenching the funk, killing fat bottom soul straying sex in outer space.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat: Do The Raid (mp3)

25. Cozy: Button By Button

Bay City Rollers. the Sweet. Big Star. The Donnas. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  Deep breath, and keep on crushing teenage kicks, yr high school wet panty dream cum true!

Cozy: Denim Dream (mp3)

24. Sonny Knight and His Fabulous Lakers: I'm Still Here

Soul aint dead....Legendary artist (with only a classic single to his credit) brings the muthafukin' house down on a groove-tread blast of are and bee....horns wailin', soul shoutin', funky filthy drums copulatin'....a master keepin' toes a'tinglin' and asses shakin'...

Sonny Knight and His Fabulous Lakers: Juicy Lucy (mp3)

23. Gino and The Goons: Shake It!

Drunk-ass sleazy trash, bashin' gotta get fucked tonite scuzz, while the neighborhood burns and the garbage cans are pile high and stinkin',...your mom's worst nightmare, and, thus, yr favorite band of miscreants, kickin' blood'n'cum!

Gino and the Goons: I Like It Like That (mp3)

22. The Legendary Tigerman: True

One-man band masturbator (would we wish for anything different?), kicks out the fuzzy sleaze in favor of the more personal.  Blissed out drones (with "help" this time) compete in rawk, the edge of drum kit smash-em-up (not loud, but sometimes very quiet).  Destroy the sadness, keep the asses moving.

The Legendary Tigerman: 21st Century Rock'n'Roll (mp3)

21. John Wesley Coleman: The Love That You Own

The greatest barfly, shaving off cowpunk, adenoid noise, the stomping boots on the hardwood floor, Songs and visceral sound breaking down the rushes and the cornstalks, a prophet clearing forest for trees, but mangling geetar mighty, and a voice in the back seat of yr 72 Nova....Trans-Ams spin out and sputter to the sounds of John Wesley Coleman!

John Wesley Coleman: I Wish The Night To Be A Lot Long (mp3)


The Final 20 are on their Way!!!!


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