Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Santa Lovers

Got some tingly tinsel in our pants, just waitin' to decorate yr tree!  More Big Rock Candy Mountain presents for all y'all Holidady hepcats!

Ballboy pretty much defines, by song and by title, our credo round these parts, with a beautiful, keenly observed lament, the tick of midnight, in a bar, on Xmas Eve.  Lest we get too comfortable...Kathy and Jimmy Zee rawk our boppin' souls Santa-style, North Pole style!

Todd Grebe and Cold Country know exactly what every honky tonker really wants for Xmas!  And Billy Ward and His Debonaires take us to the the highest pinnacle of Yuletide joy and sadness!

Santa's Got and Itch! 

Ballboy: Merry Christmas to the Drunks, Merry Christmas to the Lovers (mp3)

Kathy and Jimmy Zee: Santa Claus Rock and Roll (mp3)

Todd Grebe and Cold Country: Let's Make Love For Christmas (mp3)

Billy Ward and His Debonaires: Christmas In Heaven (mp3)

Life's tough...we're all in this together...help out when you can this Holiday season!

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