Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Santa Shama Lama Bam

Santa's a bit of a hip shaker, ain't he?

We're going all out rawk'n'roll this Xmas day...a little bit obvious, a little bit joyous, a little bit boogie, a whole lotta Yuletide riot goin' on!!!

Bring the Solstice noize courtesy of glammers'n'junkers'n'trashers...American Gun, The Kinks, Billy Childish(our lord and Savior), T.Rex, Cheap Trick, and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band!!!!!  Phew!!!!  This stocking don't need no's chock full and bulging with super-sweet geetar stickiness!!!

(and as always, if you don't like today's selections, we'll do a complete 180 tomorrow!)

Santa's got stars in his eyes, glitter in his boots, and gingerbread men in his pants!!!

The Kinks: Father Christmas (mp3)

Cheap Trick: Come On Christmas (mp3)

T.Rex: Christmas Bop (mp3)

Billy Childish: Father Christmas Is Dressed In Green (mp3)

American Gun: Little Manger (mp3)

The Sensational Harvey Band: There's No Light On the Christmas Tree (mp3)

Thanks for stopping by.  Be good to each other.

1 comment:

Ernie said...

Glad to see you've come back from the dead for another holiday hootenanny!