Friday, December 12, 2014

Swing Low Sweet Santa Claus

Big Rock Candy Mountain...your one-stop Holiday shopping experience!  Sitting on Santa's lap is always free, and strongly encouraged!

More killer Yuletide trimmings today.  Whether it be the daddy-o Santa stylings of the The Orangu-Tones,  the burn desert, aluminum tree cynicism of master storyteller James McMurtry, the reindeer on acid-washed 60's pop of The Tropics, or the North Pole frozen geetar of legendary Dwight Twilley, we've got the garland to make yr Holiday party sparkle!

Santa Almost Drowned in the Chicago River!

The Orangu-Tones: Santa's Coming (mp3)

James McMurtry: Holiday (mp3)

The Tropics: Groovy Christmas (mp3)

Dwight Twilley: Christmas Stars (mp3)

Thanks for stopping by.  All you need is love.


Verity said...


I always check out your blog each week and even though you've been silent for a while I somehow knew you'd resurface this Christmas. I often take copies of the Christmas tracks you post, many of which I've never heard before - hope you don't mind.

Anyway, just thought I'd make contact to thank you in person as it were and to say a) I love that last image you posted (the rather stern looking Santa) and where did you find it? and b) of the Christmas tracks you've posted this December my favourite by far is the James McMurtry track Holiday. Once again many thanks and keep up the good posting - it's much appreciated over here in Sheffield, England

Cheers, Spence

Anonymous said...

Hey Rock Candy!
Merry Holly Daze to y'all AND ME. Thanks for the tunes. Like to bring me to tears with the 'Christmas Stars' tune.