Sunday, December 21, 2014

Santa In The Big House

Santa's rounding the bend(er)!  Last minute push to be naughty or nice!

Just a reminder, once this craziness is over, we're gonna do our world famous Big Rock Candy Mountain Best of List!  So, gird yr loins for that bit o'fun!

No Xmas would be complete with a little truckin', and Wayne Mansfield satisfies Holiday haulin' needs!  JD and the Roadrebels stuff our stockings with some noirsurfabilly joy!  The very mighty Otis Gibbs feels a little lonely under the mistletoe ("You're the star upon my Christmas tree"). And, finally, we do so love us some Solstice prison tunes, and Ronnie Fauss doesn't disappoint with a nifty little ode to time served in the Holiday big house!

Gee Whiz, Santa's Gonna Sock it to 'em!

Wayne Mansfield: Santa's Trucker (mp3)

JD and the Roadrebels: Santalina (mp3)

Otis Gibbs: Little Red Nose (mp3)

Ronnie Fauss: Everyone Deserves a Merry Christmas (mp3)

We're almost there!  Give the gift of Love this Xmas!