Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa's Special Sauce

Ho, ho, ho...joyous in the season once again!  The Big Rock Candy Mountain Holiday extravaganza keeps its sled well-greased, and zoomin' round the world with extra-special present for all the kiddies!

We're still tryin' to keep to our odd rule of not repeating ourselves (which is becoming harder in each successive year...we've been doing this for a least 10 years for christ's sake(pun intended)!!!), but we surely welcome requests from past year's joy!!!  Missing yr Beatnik or Truckin' Xmas tunes?  All ya gotta do is ask!

Lots of mixed treats in Santa's bag today....Hillbilly kiss-off courtesy of Dick Stratton; R'nB vs. Doo Wop from The Debonairs; Jump Blues/Jazz/Soul gifted by Lowell Fulson; Burnt Desert Noir (super black!) from The Felice Brothers; Statler Brothers bringing down home cheeses; and...well, ya know what?  We love the Dropkick Murphys!  We're not supposed to (Hipsters and Trash Merchants all agree), but fuck it...we think they're swell, and the following tune is a hoot and a Holiday holler!

Santa's Got a Special Secret Treat Just For You!

Dick Stratton: I Wouldn't Have You On a Christmas Tree (mp3)

The Debonairs: Christmas Time (mp3)

Lowell Fulson: Lonesome Christmas (mp3)

Felice Brothers: Murder By Mistletoe (mp3)

The Statler Brothers: An Old Fashioned Christmas (mp3)

Dropkick Murphys: The Season Is Upon Us (mp3)

Please think about helping out those less fortunate this Holiday Season, and throughout the year (winter's particularly tough).  If we can afford internet to download tunes for free...well, maybe we've got a few extra bucks that might make a difference elsewhere.  Santa wants you to do it!


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the tunes. Thanks.

Mark said...

A great batch!

Cum Shot Charlie said...

Izzit Big Cock Candy? More beaver please!