Friday, April 01, 2005

Girl Gangs at the Truck Stop

Happy Birthday Thurman.

And happy April Fool's Day to the rest of y'all. Yr shoe's untied.

Aplolgies (as always) about the expiration of the yousendit files below. I'll try to get some more Miss Mary up in the near future. Bandwidth is back!

Haven't done any truck and train tunes lately...figgered once a week was getting a little excessive. You'll still get yr'll just be a surprise.

Kay Adams gets hardly a mention in the annals of country. Which is a shame, as she's got that great booming hard country voice that traces from the more extroverted Patsy Cline moments to Tammy Wynette to the formidable Neko Case. Her most famous song was "Little Pink Mack" (see below), from the essential Wheels and Tears, a concept album about truck driving from a woman's perspective, recorded in the mid-60's. After giving up on recording and public appearances for some time, she's resurfaced occasionally in recent years, even recording a new trucking song with the barroom honky bandits BR549. Hopefully with the resurgence of interest in "real" country(and western) music (whatever that is), Ms. Adams will reap some of the benefits, and get the recognition as the pioneering artist she was/is. No big rig fan's record collection should be without some Kay Adams.

Kay Adams: Little Pink Mack (mp3)

Kay Adams and BR549: Mama Was a Rock (Daddy Was A Rolling Stone) (mp3)

Support yr local Truck Stop. The coffee's better there.


Andy said...

Did someone already guess this? Is it from "Gary's Song" by American Music Club?

I loved the Miss Mary Ann! Thanks!

Fiona said...

I love that Kay Adams song. It made my day. I sent it to my friend and it made her day. Thank you thank you!!!!

countrygrrl said...

never heard of this dame before...but my life has been enrichened with both these hardball tracks...yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa kick ass in the kitchen thanx as always for a stotter of a blog.