Monday, April 04, 2005

Holy Cow

Just so you know, The Mountain is in no way associated with any large fast food chains, nor does it endorse the use of it's theme song to sell bad burger products. Just, you know, in case you were wondering.

That said, and contrary to my moral stance in previous posts, the Mountain has decided it would gladly sell out, and sell it's soul. For Cubs tickets. No, really.


So I promised an all-female week and a half here. I lied about that. Sorta. Cuz today, we're plopping our lazy asses on the couch, drinking cans of Old Style, and watching baseballbaseballbaseball. Opening day, my friends. Comparable in majesty as "Pitchers and Catchers Report". No time for lenghty posts and rambling, unproven, and tedious discussion. Baseball. Must. Watch. Baseball.

Here's the Hoosier Hot Shots doing the all-time classic. Your job is to sing along in yr best Harry Caray impersonation, beer optional.

The Hoosier Hot Shots: Take Me Out to the Ball Game (mp3)

Oh, yeah. new quote above, as ever on a Monday. Be the first to guess the quote, and I'll send you a specially-made BigRockCandyMountain mix cd. Hint: Read today's post above.

Cheer on yr local from yr local beer and rekkid vendors.


Hazy Dave said...

That quote sounds a lot like something Harry Caray would have slurred...

chocker said...

Harry Caray did in fact say the above quote.

Still can't believe the Cubs put up 16 on Opening Day.