Thursday, May 12, 2005

Get Along Cindy

He's baaaaaack.

The long national nightmare is over, the computer is up and running and the broadband is flowin'. Sorry to have been away so long.

Hasil Adkins died whilst I was away. Others have given him a proper sendoff, but I would be remiss in not adding my own RIP.

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Then hop over to Keep the Coffee Coming and wish Kat a speedy recovery.

Did you vote in the poll below yet? If not, you've still got time. The final results (with mp3's) and next round of the Fringe Hall o' Fame will be posted at the end of the month. I've received a ton of suggestions for the next round, and the guest posts are beginning to pop up in my email box. If you've sent a suggestion and haven't heard back from me yet, fear not. I'm answering as fast as I can (course trying to answer emails from work got a bit tricky over the last two weeks). If you don't like the nominees in the first round, and don't submit yr own ideas, well, what are you bitchin' about?

Going up country today. Or, perhaps, down country. The Black Twig Pickers make a peculiar and joyously dark sound. From the furthest reaches of backwoods sepia Appalachia, and mixing the atmospherics of late period Red Red Meat through Califone, minus the undercurrent of electronic doodling, the Pickers fiddle and banjo their way through the history of rustic life. Apparently recorded on various front porches and parlours, it's a hoedown that strays never far from the most primitive of roots, familial and earthbound. Calling all campfires, yr bare feet are stained with the dirt of a hundred years.

Black Twig Pickers: Get Along Home Cindy (mp3)

Black Twig Pickers: Poor Boy Long Ways From Home (mp3)

The Mountain encourages strong family units and a sense of place. When purchasing yr 8 tracks and whatnot, make yr local independent retailer part of yr clan.


countrygrrl said...

hey big rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad to have you back this is great stuff as alwaya black twig pickers great post there..emjoy the hoedown..yeeeeeeha!!!!!!!!!!!

Reverend Frost said...

yeeeeeha too.