Friday, July 15, 2005

Boys, the Night Will Bury You

Gettin' ready for a big show tonite. Ok, a small show, really. Just big for me. I never miss this guy when he's in town.

Richard Buckner shouldn't be a stranger to regular readers here. To those unfamiliar yet, Buckner's is the voice of the loneliest of deserts, burnt and ravaged, songs for traveling. Music to drink whiskey to, the sparest arrangements cascading, beauty in the heart of sadness. Live, often just himself and his guitar, Buckner reinvents each song, allowing each line new life, new interpretation. You can hear the sand on the strings, bending each note, shooting them off into the night like signal beacons. His voice drawls and stutters, mumbles and meanders, demands and resigns. And those are the love songs. Not much like a B-52's show, then.

Since most of y'all probably own a Buckner album or more (with Bloomed and Devotion + Doubt as my personal recommendations to start with), I thought I'd toss up a couple of tunes not found on any of his proper records.

The first is his vocal contribution to Mr. Giant Sand Howe Gelb's side project, The Band of Ranchy Blackette. It's a duet with none other than Ms. Neko Case, herself. Hooray. The second is a downright sprightly cover of a Kris Kristofferson chestnut. Please enjoy.

Band of Blacky Ranchette (feat. Richard Buckner and Neko Case): Getting It Made (mp3)

Richard Buckner: Lovin' Her Was Easier (mp3)

Go see Richard Buckner live, or check out his albums at yr local independent retailer. Gloom and doom, of course, are always free.


guapo said...

Really beautiful! In the UK we call this kind of music Americana. It`s meant as a compliment. Now i`m worried, is "meant" a word?

Jen said...

Wow, lovely thanks. I'm a big Buckner fan, but hadn't heard either of these!