Tuesday, July 19, 2005

One Mint Julep

It's hotter'n hell here in Chicago, and no sign of a letup. Too hot,really, to spend too much time in front of a computer. Having lived outside of the MidWest for a time, I had forgotten about this wonderful humidity thing. Y'know, when it's cold you can add more layers. But when it's hot, and yr lying naked in a bathtub filled with ice, that's about the best you can do.

What helps, though, is perhaps a nice Zombie. Maybe a Mai Tai. a Rum Runner, or a Beachcomber. Of course the classic Pina Colada and/or Daiquiri can't hurt either.

It's a Tiki world in the good ole summer, and to help you mix your favorite Rum drink and dance the sweltering nite away, I offer the swinging island surf sounds of The Tiki-Tones. My ice is melting. Time for a refill.

The Tiki-Tones: Night of the Tikis (mp3)

The Tiki-Tones: One Mint Julep (mp3)

When its' hot out, Independent record stores have the coolest tunes.


countrygrrl said...

hey pour a big one for me !!! i will join yu for a chill out whisky with irn-bru and some cool sounds!!!!

Reverend Frost said...

We all stand and raise our Pina Colada glasses for you !

Dr. Jnk said...

It is so incredible when you are in the middle of the winter, surrounded by snow and, cold as hell, to think in the summer when you are soaked in sweat, hotter than hell also!.
I know, the sun and the earth are the players here, but I don't understand it anyway.
Btw, update my blog address, my friend, since I have moved. Rock de siempre is now at http://rockdesiempre.blogspot.com/

P.S. Next time I'll show you how to prepare a tinto de verano, the most refreshing and non-alcohol free drink consumed in the spanish summer.

bigrockcandymountain said...

folks, thank you. really. Dr. Jnk, sorry about the broken link...i'll get it fixed afore i leave for vacation...ya know, when i change my bookmarks, i really should change 'em on my my blog. I think i need to change Honey, Where you been, too...damn i'm a slacker.