Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Glory Hallelujah

Sorry. Been gone again. Had a sudden opportunity to do something good, and it took me away for awhile.

Also, I take back my last post. Fuck George W. Bush.

Not much time, and I'm tired. So 'til I get bearings back, here's a prime piece of celebration from Mr. Otha Turner. All backwoods drumming and sweet Mississippi fife love. Sing along.

Otha Turner and the Afrossippi Allstars: Glory, Glory Hallelujah (mp3)

Form your own drum and fife band. Give the money you save to something worthwhile (scroll down).


Headcheez said...

George bush told me to tel you, "Fuck you too.:

Reverend Frost said...

oh no another SPAM !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all block Head Cheez from ever posting again on your web site, as he obviously is a right ring cockaroach. . .maybe we should send the cheez head to Iraq to help Bush win HIS PERSONAL FUXXING WAR !

Great blog friend,,... thanks for the posts !

Bruce in NC

Satisfied '75 said...

bush stinks

Anonymous said...

If you like old blues, visit my blog. Blues history in croatian, but some mp3 too.
Bye, blueser!

guapo said...

Hi Big Rock!
Just to let you know "Mr Barf`s Rock and Soul A go-go" and "Fire of love" are pretty much dead links now. We have both deleted those blogs but some sharks have stolen the addresses and used them to promote porn links. Have a look, it`s quite funny in a way but probably not anything you would really want to link to! You can find my new and (hopefully) improved blog from my profile, it`s called "the new thematic". I don`t know what it means either! I got pissed and deleted the old blog and when I woke up the following morning it was there! I don`t even remember choosing the title or it`s template but I decided it was good enough. Some quality control. By the way "Fire of Love" is now "Buzz the Jerk". I`ve linked that fine Swedish fellow!