Monday, September 05, 2005

I'm in Love With That Song

It appears as if Alex Chilton is missing in New Orleans. Who knows how many more great musician are missing or lost. Information is sketchy at best, and even the word on Chilton is filtered through various sources. I'm wondering about Quintron, too. Musicians, of course, are no no more important than any other soul in this tragedy. But they do provide a face, a connect, to those who may not know any of the other names on the long rolls of the missing. How many nights did you huddle around your record player trying to decipher Big Star? How many times did you turn up Fats Domino on the radio? Got slinky with Irma Thomas? Some folks have made it out. Some.

There's a million political angles to this disaster. If people would spend as much time searching as they are giving press conferences, maybe more lives would be saved. I don't know. It's a helpless feeling. Heads will roll, and should,but can't we rescue people first? Match people up with their families? Feed the survivors? We're a divisive country in a desperate and divisive time, and there's a large amount of accountability waiting at the end. But, god, let's help the innocent first, and take down the guilty later. They'll get theirs. And should.

I don't much feel like selling product right now. Seriously, instead of buying a Replacements album, donate that money. Here's a list of worthwhile charities.

The Replacements: Alex Chilton (mp3)


Bruce Friedman said...

FOUND !!!!!! Alex Chilton has been located,and alive and well. His Yahoo Group indicated that Terry Manning was on the phone with Chilton, and he's in Houston... The coast guard rescued him.

Bruce in Durham NC

Anonymous said...

I read that Fats Domino was found as well...

guapo said...

Hi Big Rock!
I`ve got a new blog for reasons explained at the site:
I`m gonna be posting more mod/beat/60s girl group type stuff in a day or two. And by the way i`d take the link to the old site down if I were you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Big Rock
My hope and charity go out to all people suffering and saved in the that area of america.

Im off to buy some Alex Chilton muzak online, have some beers and sell some tickets in for my clubs fund raiser.


Aussie King