Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ninth Ward

Well. I had another post all planned and written, but in light of recent events, it doesn't seem real appropriate.

The beautiful Miss Mountain and myself had a rather important event in our life planned for this October in New Orleans. Not gonna happen. Least not in October. It doesn't really matter, as peoples' lives are seriously fucked right now. Those who still have their lives. It's a horrible, bone chilling thing.

Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana may, arguably, have given us some of the greatest American music in our history. Music made by people. People who are suffering right now.

There's a million songs about New Orleans. They're probably popping up all over the web. As I went to find songs for today's post, my stack of cd's took up my whole coffee table. Hard to choose, and there's more to worry about in the world than what tunes I'm going to post. So, here's two of my favorites.

Professor Longhair: Mardi Gras in New Orleans (mp3)

Tom Waits: I Wish I was in New Orleans (in the Ninth Ward) (mp3)

Instead of buying a record this week, send your money to the Red Cross, or other charitable donations. People need water.


Anonymous said...

a track that brought tears to my eyes is Randy Newman's Louisiana 1927, check it out if you can. I know it's on his Songbook Disc. NOLA is a lovely city with lovely people, its a shame the Feds have been on "Vacation" getting supplies to the area.

bryan said...

Yes, that song was definitely the first song that popped into my mind, and has stayed there since. It may not be specifically about N.O., but that chorus: "Louisiana... Louisiana... they tryin' to wash us away... they tryin' to wash us away..." - that, and the beautifully melancholic melody, I don't think any song could capture the feeling of this tragedy any better.