Sunday, October 03, 2004

children go where i send thee

I'm exhausted tonite...(and i start my new job tomorrow. Finally breaking free from the corporate world and returning to the indie world, as it were.). But wanted to get a post out before stumbling off to Little Nemo-land. It's a short one...look for the typos.

I'm preparing for Tom Waits Tuesday. In honor of the big day, I'm going to put up some tunes in which he's a collaborator. Most Waits freaks already have these I'm sure, but what the hell...
These are tunes that feature what I like to call his "Rev. Tom" phase....the man loves his gospel, dontcha know.

John Hammond/Tom Waits: I Know I've Been Changed (mp3): This is a tune from Hammond's album, Wicked Grin. The album is all Tom songs, was produced by Tom, and features Tom singing and playing along. Hammond's a great roots/bluesman of no small repute, and he does Tom justice.

Chuck E. Weiss/Tom Waits: Do You Know What I Idi Amin (mp3): Another example of Tom producin' and participatin'. Y'all know Chuck E. from the Ricki Lee Jones song. He and Tom have been...errr...running buddies for awhile. This cut's got a raging drum beat and Chuck and Tom "ranting" over top of it. Guess which is which.

Replacements/Tom Waits: Date to Church (mp3): Well, gee...what can I say about this...It's Tom on organ and backing vocals (I believe he was credited on the single as "Rev. Backwash"), playing with the Replacements. They're singing about taking a girl to church. Does it get any better than this in life? Really?

Blind Boys of Alabama/Tom Waits: Go Tell It On the Mountain (mp3): If you haven't heard the Blind Boys of Alabama, you need to run down to the record store right now. It's soul, it's gospel, its beautiful. 'Sfar as the tune goes...well, you know the know who's singing....I think you can figger it out from there.

(Click on Song...Git on over to the Briefcase...Wait for it...Download from there)

We'll Try to do Better.

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