Wednesday, October 06, 2004

We need some revival

Thanks to all the visitors for taking the time to look in on this small little ole corner of the blogworld. As a reward (or to expose just how few people are reading me), I'll give away a Free Gmail Account to the first 5 people who leave me a comment below. (no, not begging one little bit)

I'd like to say thanks and draw y'alls' attention to two really great blogs I've been visiting obsessively over the past few weeks. They both feature tunes and writin's that I think you'll really like...'specially if you like the tunes here. Check 'em out:

Lonesome Music is run by the same gentleman (and his sister) who puts up The Last Sound of Summer site. Last Sound...features a pretty eclectic mix of tunes from electronic to rock to pop. I first stumbled onto it doing a search for American Music Club. I believe I left a pretty obsessive comment about Mark Eitzel, or sumsuch. Lonesome Music is more "an Americana/folk site", according to Howard, the author of the site (with his sister). He's got some great links up at the moment, including a song(demo) of his very own making. Good stuff, folks.

Songs:Illinois comes from here in my very own (new) home of Chicago, Illinois (hence the title...with perhaps a sly wink to a certain Secretly Canadian Band?). Not sure how many Chicago bloggers there are out there...but they'd be hard-pressed to top this site. I'm biased, perhaps, cuz he's got songs up by Jim White, Johnny Cash, Loudon Wainwright, American Music Club(great songs, all), and Lyle Lovett up at the moment. Go, Go Go.

Before I get to today's music, there's one more place I'd highly recommend checking out, and it serves as a bit of an intro to the tunes. It Came From Memphis is a site tracing " a cult music book became a cult music documentary, and it only took ten years." The site, which is a blog, has been chronicalling Paul Duane's quest to make a documentary of the the book, It Came From Memphis, and the soundrack of the same name. I would highly recommend both items as great snapshots of a Memphis that's not often discussed, but still extremely relevant. The blog is also a fascinating look at the difficulties of getting a documentary made. It's become one of my top reads of the day. Also, anyone who gets to hang out with Jim Dickinson and Greg Oblivian has to be something right.

So that leads, sorta (you'll see), to our tunes for the day. Somebody somewhere posted (and damn if i can remember...let me know if'n you know, and i'll link it) Dusty Springfield's version of "You Don't Own Me". Which got me to thinkin':

Quintron: You Don't Own Me (mp3): Straight from the 9th Ward comes Mr. Quintron, celebrated Organist and Inventor of the Drum Buddy. Along with his wife, Miss Pussycat (who does puppet shows), Quintron tours this great land of ours playing some of the sleaziest sex'n'roll out there. He's a one man band, he strips to his Underoos, and he has the biggest Organ in the country. So There.

which leads us to:

Oblivians(feat. Mr. Quintron): Live the Life (mp3): Here Quintron teams up with Memphis' very own Oblivians. one of my favorite bands. It's all garage and tent revivals, with Quintron playing the role of the drunken church organist, the Oblivians the trinity of pastors out to steal yr souls. mmmmhmmm....

and so:

Speedball Baby: Blackish Man (mp3): More preaching from NYC scuzzballs that have featured Jon Spencer and James Chance, amongst other greasy notables. It's all conspiracy theory and Mekong Sue. Indeed.

finishing with:

Little Axe: It's Tight Like That (mp3): Little Axe is Adrian Sherwood (legendary dub guy) and Skip McDonald gettin' all Fat Possumy on our asses....Mississippi preachers shoveling the deepest brimstone and trancin' like speakin' in tongues, all the way to yr first orgasm. The spirit move within us.

(Click on from there. and let me hear an amen)


Anonymous said...

just had to say - and this is in no way a suck up to get a free g-mail account - that yours is one of the best music blogs that i check out. lots of great stuff, updated regularly and such witty commentary. plus you share the love by linking to other music blogs you've found, thus increasing my ability to hear new music. Lord knows the radio can't do that for me, controlled as it is by money-grubbing, lowest-common-denominator-loving, tasteless-pieces-of-human-excrement corporations. but i digress. keep up the excellent work there in chicago - my musical appreciation thanks you.

(so now do i get that free g-mail thingy?)

Tom said...

I liked the Tom Wait stuff and this is an interesting blog. But what's with the name? Is it related to The Motorcycle Boy? If so you may be interested in my site and blog at

Best wishes!

howard said...

thanks for your kind words Tom

lonesome music has been up for a few months and only recently has started getting any real hits - I deliberately didn't submit it to because I can't take the hit in bandwidth - it's a more chilled pace of posting too.

I want to discuss the music, have conversations around it, rather than the hit and run of the RSS feeding frenzy that is - that's why I post tracks in comments on lastsoundand lonesome music as well as other people's blogs - the RSS feed doesn't show them, but for people interested enough to go looking they're there to enjoy.

I should apologize for the demo as well -it was part of a song swap with a friend, isn't a very good version.

howard said...

and I already have a Gmail account - but thanks anyway;)

howard said...

crap, wrong name - apologies for confusion all round, I meant to thank brian, rather than Tom from indie-mp3, for whom i just posted another comment.

bigrockcandymountain said...

thanks, worries on the name switch, my memory is failing badly (old timer's disease?)I agree about the whole rss/mp3 blogger thing...i prefer to read the blogs...determine what songs i'm interested in, etc. which is why i was quite embarassed to forget where i got the dusty springfield song....sigh...

howard said...

Speaking of fat possum have you heard the black keys thickfreakness?

bigrockcandymountain said...

oh yesyesyes...big Black Keys fan...i'm originally from ohio...'bout 15 miles out of akron...always good to see an akron band get attention...espc. on fat possum