Monday, November 08, 2004

rocking horse boogie

Listening to Love Songs for Patriots by the estimable American Music Club, preparing for the upcoming AMC weekend. Drinking a piss-poor martini to celebrate my day off work. Leaves are falling off the trees as I type. The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the way to the Super Bowl. Ahh, Autumn.

Am I allowed to be an AMC fan and a football fan?

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Sometimes you just gotta dance. I mean, hell, we're hurtling toward..well,sumthin'...not sure what. But it probably aint good. Maybe dance to the end of love. Maybe dance dance dance to the rock'n'roll station. Maybe dancin' in the streets or the sheets or on the ceiling.

Going all old timey on yr asses today, and for the foreseeable future. I'm pretty well bored by most of what's "new" right now. If bands are going to be in recycle mode, may as well listen to the originals. Richard Nixon may got Soul, but modern rock sure don't. If you disagree, convince me. I'd like to be wrong.

Hillbilly Boogie. What the hell is it? Well, it took it's cue from the "boogie woogie" sounds of jazz and barrellhouse blues predominant in pre-World War II. Moon Mullican, a legend, worked extensively with both black musicians and country and western white musicians, and is credited with helping bridge the racial divide, introducing boogie woogie to Western Swing stars, most notably Bob Wills. From there "the country boogie phenomenon really took off after the war, and was incorporated into the Western Swing derivative, Honkytonk...Emphasizing electric guitar, steel and fiddle."

essentially, it's twangjazz. It's sole desire is to make you dance.

Practitioners include Spade Cooley, The Delmore Brothers, Chet Atkins, Bill Haley (yes, that Bill Haley), Hank Snow, my beloved Johnny Bond, and the Maddox Brothers. Countless others came forth with one hit, or regional, numbers, only to disappear into the annals of long gone history. A great starting point is the 4-cd box set aptly named Hillbilly Boogie. The following tracks are taken from said set, and focus on some obscure artists that, frankly, very little or no information is available.

Dixie Blue Boys: Hadacol Boogie(mp3)

Mustard and Gravy: Be Bop Boogie(mp3)

Billy Briggs: Pretty Baby Boogie(mp3)

Lonnie Glosson: Pan American Boogie(mp3)

(Click on Song, go to Briefcase, Download from there)

Next up: Western Swing.

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howard said...

would that be the vinyl version of Love Songs for Patriots? or would you like a copy of the extra track?

bigrockcandymountain said...

not the vinyl dammit...just the cd. extra track? Yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

howard said...

just for you: 1000 miles