Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Cigareets and Whuskey and Wild Wild Women

Moment of silence for Will Eisner. The man created the graphic novel. Long before the phrase existed. A god, really. If you haven't read him, The Spirit (reissued in multiple volumes from DC Comics) is a good place to start, but A Contract With God is the one you need to get yr hands on. Maybe the most influential comic ever written. For adults. At a time when funny books were supposed to be for kids only. He'll be missed, but his influence can be felt every time you pick up yr favorite Vertigo or Fantagraphics book, among countless others.

On that sad note, though, I'd like to thank all 10,000 of you for helping me get to...well, 10,000. Small potatoes to some of the towering blogs out there, but in my humble corner of the music world, and with my obvious lack of technical proficiency, I 'spect I've entertained some of y'all. So give yrself a hug or a postive touch ( I read somewhere yr supposed to have 10 positive touches a day. Now don't you feel all nurtured and empowered? me neither). Or at least raise an Old Style to yrself.

To celebrate, I've got a post that has kind of a convoluted history. I won't go all deconstructionist and lengthy on yr tired eyes, but i'll try to explain. "Cigareets and Whusky and Wild Wild Women" has been my unofficial 2nd theme song after...you guessed it, "Big Rock Candy Mountain." So I figgered I'd put up the version by Silver Screen legends, The Sons of the Pioneers.

Then I got to thinking about another version by Spike Jones croney, Red Ingle and His Natural Sevens . Well, why not put that version on too? And that version has a great spoken intro that was recycled by garage band one hitters and Nuggets staples, The Hombres. On a completely different, yet brilliant, song. What could I do? Give you all three.

For your consideraion, then, three pickin', grinnin', and fuzzboxin' songs.

"A preachment, dear friends, you are about to receive
on John Barleycorn, nicotine, and the temptations of Eve"

The Sons of the Pioneers: Cigareets and Whusky and Wild Wild Women (mp3)

Red Ingle and His Natural Sevens: Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women (mp3)

The Hombres: Let It All Hang Out (mp3)

(YouSendIt files...click on target...download from site)

(If any files expire...let me know...I will joyously repost)

Next up: a little trip around the country in a big ole rig.


Reverend Frost said...

one whiskey for me please, thanks

Anonymous said...

Oh my, The Hombres! Is this cool or not!?

Anonymous said...

Please PLEASE re post the cigareet and wiskey songs !!!

Anonymous said...

PLease repost the cigareets MP3...

Anonymous said...

could you please repost the three songs, i've been searching the web for hours now...Please!!!