Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Good Lord Watching Over His Truckers

Happy Truckin' Thursday.

I've done a bit of cross-country driving in my time. Moving from Ohio to Oregon. Oregon back to Ohio. Ohio to Denver. And Denver to Chicago. It's the time, late at nite with the crackle of the radio and the white and yellow lines battling the stretches of shadows of nothing on either side. It's the greasy diners, the smell of gasoline, the press of destination.

The myth of the truck driver may never have existed. Glorified most particularly in the CB-crazy 60's and 70's. I owned a CB myself as a youngster, living in a southern Ohio town near the West Virginia border (that should at least begin a discussion of some of my peculiarities). Not only was there a set of train tracks running right through town, but trucks would rumble past my house on the minute. I'd sit on the front porch, pumping my fist in the air, chanting breaker breaker through my crappy little CB set. Sometimes they'd honk their air horns. Never did get a response from the CB...all I'd hear was the faint outlines of other truckers talking in some kind of alien code to one another. And static. Lots of static. Still love static to this day. There's a story in there somewhere. Maybe I'll tell it proper someday.

Course, the truckers were all hopped on the goofballs, at the time. So we're led to believe. And that's yr vice for Truckin' Thursday. From the King himself, Mr. Dave Dudley. The King. White line fevers next week, this week it's all for a bottle of smoke.

Dave Dudley: Two Six Packs Away (mp3)

Dave Dudley and Charlie Douglas: Where's the Truck (mp3)

And By Request (though I've misplaced the Red Simpson version)

Red Sovine: 18 Wheels Hummin'a Home Sweet Home (mp3)

Repost 1

Billy Jo Spears: Get Behind Me Satan and Push (mp3)

(yousendit on target, download from site)

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Anonymous said...

Not one, but 2 Six-packs. Nice choice here. I guess. I mean, I don't really know nuthin' about truck music.
Except this; over at Truckin' MP3s there's some stuff, including more Dave Dudley. (sorry, forgot about it til I saw today's post, shoulda mentioned it before)
So put the hammer down!
No really, put it down, this is the internet, you don't need a hammer.