Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lookin' At The World Through A Windshield

Truckin' Thursday at BigRockCandyMountain. It's not just a brand name, it's a way of life. Or something.

Lost my shirt last nite. No, really. I can't find my shirt. While I wish that was as debauched as it sounds, it isn't remotely. But a long nite, nevertheless, and so we have a proportionately short post. Didn't want to leave my legions of fans without their weekly all true thrilling truckin' tales fix. Awkward sentences, as ever, are free.

Double dose today. An old classic from Del Reeves, and an updated version of the song by Son Volt. Yes, that's Son Volt doing a truckin' song. Rejoice, ye No Depressioners. Jay Farrar sounds downright happy on this 'un.

For optimal visibility, replace wipers after year's use

Del Reeves: Looking At the World Through a Windshield (mp3)

Son Volt: Looking At the World Through a Windshield (mp3)

(yousendit on from site)

If you feel compelled to purchase music by Del Reeves or Son Volt, please consider buying locally from an independent, if they haven't been run out of town by a chain. Or buy directly from the artist(s) themselves.


Reverend Frost said...

I'm definetely gonna buy me a truck. And grow a moustache.

Anonymous said...

The Son Volt version especially rocks... thanks for sharing that! I'll track down the album now. Wonder if they ever actually sold it at truck stops...