Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'll Drink A Great Big Whiskey To Ya Anyway

Tra la la...

Sorry, I was practicing my imitation of Morrissey imitating Kermit the Frog. Erm...

Welcome back to day 2 of the Big Rock Candy Mountain Top 100 Drinking Songs. We hope your enjoy our little attempt at presenting only the finest vintages of boozers, weepers, and winos.

And remember, if you don't like the list, if you're outraged that your favorite song didn't make the cut, you can make your case over at our new site, Barstool Mountain, the future home to The Top 100 and current home to all the songs that received votes but didn't make the final list. Leave a comment or shoot me an email (barstoolmountain@gmail.com), and you can write your very own post. How fun is that?

I promised a sneak peek today at the artists who placed the most songs on the Top 100. Here you go:


Come back tomorrow for part 3, and some thoughts on why certain genres fared better than others.

And, as always, the drinks are on the house here at The Mountain.

The Big Rock Candy Mountain Top 100 Drinking Songs, Part 2

90. "It Was The Whiskey Talking (Not Me) - Jerry Lee Lewis

89. "What A Way To Die" - The Pleasure Seekers

88. "I Got Loaded" - Peppermint Harris
(Ah, yes. A muted jump blues number.)

87. "The King Is Gone" - George Jones

86. "One Shot" - The Mono Men

85. "Hangover Tavern" - Hank Thompson
(Hank's one of our favorites here at the Mountain. Herein lies a tale. The hair of the dog, the morning after, the cure for regret.)

84. "Let's Get Drunk Again" - Bo Carter

83. "Good Old Mountain Dew" - Grandpa Jones

82. "My Baby Got Drunk" - Paul "Wine" Jones
(I was pleased to see this song rank in the top 100. A recent(ish) recording from a feller who should have enjoyed more popularity before his untimely demise. Proof that the "drunk call" can occur across genres. Greasy, nasty Blues at it's finest)

81. "Looped" - Calvin Bose


The DoorKeeper said...

So I gotta have a guess at this one

Wynonie Harris
Merle Haggard
Willie Nelson??
George Jones
Hank Thompson
Amos Milburn

I can't believe that neither The Pogues nor Tom Waits got three songs into the Sozzled Century o_o

Dan said...

Absolutely no complaints so far. The panel of judges seemed to have given all choices so far sober (pun intended) second thought. Well done!

bigrockcandymountain said...

Mr. Doorkeeper, you're a wise man. You guessed them all correctly. You should win some kind of prize. I'll raise a toast to you. And fret not about ol' Tom and the Pogues. They'll have their day. Keep watching.

Dan, thanks for the shout out to the judges. They deserve it. I don't think this list would be near as interesting without their various tastes bellying up to the bar.