Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pass The Booze

Good gravy, here we go. The Top 30 of The Top 100 Drinking Songs starts here. Show me the way to go home.

Is that Wynonie Harris in the list below? Wonder if we'll see him again further down the line?

What do you y'all think so far? Are you holding off 'til we get to the end? Get your cocktail napkins ready and start scribbling. We want to hear what you think. A list is nothing more than an effort in subjectivity.

The Top 100 will move to Barstool Mountain on Monday. Stop by now to see what we've got going on currently.

The Big Rock Candy Mountain Top 100 Drinking Songs, Part 8

30. "Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down" - Merle Haggard
(When your best friend is a bottle, and even that leaves you standing alone)

29. "Gin and Juice" - Snoop Dogg/The Gourds
(Our lone hip hop entry. I know we've gotta be missing some great ones, but this 'un is a classic, all lazy afternoon drawl and swagger. The Gourds version is dead-on genius.)

28. "A Six Pack To Go" - Hank Thompson
(The Mountain is certain Mr. Thompson is walking home, or getting a ride. One of the ultimate binge drinking songs, where the evil "Blue Laws" threaten to ruin Thompson's Sunday morning.)

27. "Rye Whiskey" - Various/Tex Ritter
(Rye whiskey is a nasty concoction. And if we don't get it, we surely will die)

26. "Intoxicated Man" - Serge Gainsbourg
(Gainsbourg sounds drunk...Wait, he sounds like that all the time. "I drink/With too strong amount/I see/Pink elephants/Spiders on the drill plate..." That's a horribly loose translation, but methinks some one's got the dt's or stumbled onto a bottle of Absinthe.)

25. "Bubbles In My Beer" - Bob Wills
(More lonesome barstool lament. Bubbles...we like bubbles. Pretty bubbles....)

24. "What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)" - Jerry Lee Lewis
(I get quite a few emails from our friends in Milwaukee. There must be something in water over thataways. Can I believe anything they say? Mr. Lewis makes his case.)

23. "Bloodshot Eyes" - Various/Wynonie Harris/Hank Penny
(One of those songs that translates perfectly as a Honky Tonk song, a Blues song, a Western Swing song, and a Jump Blues song.)

22. "Pass The Booze" - Ernest Tubb
(Sometimes a bartender is the best friend you've got.)

21. "Tequila" - The Champs
(Greasy, stripper horns take you straight to Tequila heaven. Don't drink the water.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Big Rock,

Does the list actually get better than today?

21 - 30 could be a top ten in and of itself.

I've always loved Gin & Juice (Gourds version). It reminds me of a particular night at a Milw tavern with my now wife.

For obvious reasons I'm also partial to What's made Milwaukee Famous.

Great work Mr. Big Rock.

John (from Brew City)

Go Brewers!!

Dan said...

Love the Hank Thompson and the Bob Wills. Could be I'm an old coot. Whoever thought of "Tequila" was brilliant. Too often, we forget about the hits. This one perfectly sums up the rush you get from drinkin' this shite. The beat is perfect. I've vomited o'er many a toilet under the influence of this fine nectar, in my younger days. This list just get better and better!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you've completely damaged your credibility on this topic by not knowing the correct title of the Jerry Lee Lewis "Milwaukee" song.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're fast on the draw (correction) anyway. Keep up the otherwise good work!

bigrockcandymountain said...

oh man, i'm exposed. A complete fraud. A sham, no less. After typing out almost 300 songs and artists, and having a beverage or two in the, ahem, spritit of the list, I made a mistake. Obviously I'm not fit to carry this list or site any further. I should pack it in. In reality, my favorite artists are Amy Grant and Bread. Haul out the investigative reporters, we have a serious situation here.