Monday, November 29, 2010

Cool Yule

Finger-poppin', beat-boppin'  elves and elvettes, this one's for you.

Tony Rodelle Larson and the Saints' "Cool Yule"  is essential Beatnik Christmas listening in the same vein as classics by Babs Gonzalez, Patsy Raye and Edd Kookie Byrnes.  It's daddy-o delicious.

Louis Armstrong may not be an obvious choice for our Yuletide bust-up, since he's a pretty ubiquitous this time of the year, but he does his own "Cool Yule" (which is a completely different song than the Larson tune), which we think is pretty damn fruitcake-worthy, so we're gonna post it anyway.  Besides, it kinda fits the theme, don't it? 

We've got one more beatnik Christmas post coming up down the line, which y'all are gonna really appreciate, so stay tuned. 

For our re-post special, we've got a request for Wanda Jackson.  We aim to please, and we love Wanda, so there you are.

Christmas is for hep cats.

Tony Rodelle Larson and the Saints: Cool Yule (mp3)

Louis Armstrong and the Commanders: Cool Yule (mp3)

Re-Post Special (By Request)

Wanda Jackson: Rockabilly Santa Claus (mp3)

Wanda Jackson:  Blues For Christmas (mp3)

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Anonymous said...

How about the Von Bondies Christmas song, no chimmneys in prison or somenthing, that one would be swell.

Mark said...

Fruitcake - worthy indeed! Thanks, Big Rock.

bigrockcandymountain said...

I'm not sure I have that Von Bondies tune, but I'll check around!

Mark, thanks!

Divinyl said...

Thank you for the Wanda Jackson :o)

Great post, as was today's.

I had a bit of an obsessive hunt for good Christmas songs a couple of years back, and I can't believe that you are still coming up with great songs that I haven't heard!

This is my favourite time of year over at Big Rock Candy Mountain!

Thanks again.