Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Just put the damn tree up.  It's an aluminum Christmas tree, dontcha know.  Everyone should own an aluminum tree, dontcha know.  It's a party in a box.

But y'all aint here to hear about the damn tree.  Ya got yr own tree to worry about, and you want some swell tunes to play for the hangin' of the ornaments.  And we've got some musical ornaments for y'all today.

Country's what we're known for, and that's what yr gonna get today.  A little contemporary, we must say, but these folks prove that contemporary aint necessarily bad.   Followin' in the footsteps of their ancestors, and all is well.

Mike Ireland is one of our favorite current Country practitioners,  pure Bakersfield meets Owen Bradley honky tonk. Here, he sings about all that's good and bad about the high life, tavern life during the Holidays.  And Shelby Lynne  tells us exactly what's what when it comes to Xmas expectations.

For our re-post special,  we're going back to Mike Ireland, with a song that may be near the top of our weepy Xmas fave raves.  And if that aint good enough for y'all, how about a little Dave Dudley givin' off a swell boom chicka chicka for yr stocking hanging?

Christmas in a bar!  Indeed.

Mike Ireland: Christmas In A Bar (mp3)

Shelby Lynne: Squat (mp3)

Re-Post Special

Mike Ireland: Christmas Past (mp3)

Dave Dudley: Can I Sing A Christmas Song For You (mp3)

Please support yr local, cheap light strewn, pub this Holiday Season.


Max Frost said...

Whatever happened to Mike Ireland? Has he released anything other than Learning How to Live and Try Again?

bigrockcandymountain said...

You know, I haven't heard (sorry) "squat" from Mike Ireland since "Try Again". Which is depressing, cuz he's amazing. Could have put him in the same breath as James Hand, Hayes Carll, and Jamey Johnson as contemporary male Country artists (with varying styles) worth crowing about. Dropped off the face of the planet, though.

Mark said...

Now you're hittin' my Christmas cruisin' speed.

Grandma had an aluminum tree with a color wheel. God, I loved that thing! Don't know where it went...