Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wheels On Fire

Holiday blowout is coming.  Hang on to yr stockings.

Now then.

We've been meaning to chat about one of favorite bands for awhile now, but random things keep getting in the way.   With the release of a couple of 7"'s and a new long-player this year, seems about right to pick yr eardrums about the super-snazzy Wheels On Fire

Burning rubber outta Athens, Ohio, Wheels On Fire are rawk'n'roll baby, in the tradition of The Fleshtones, The Stones, The Replacements, and the Oblivians (and do we detect some Faces, as well?).  Yep, pretty heady company, but Wheels On Fire manage to sound like all of those and none of those at the same time. 

Organ-soaked, and greasy, greasy, greasy, like yr street corner desperate Romeo, tight pants cock hangin' low and ready, gonna take you to the dangerous side of town, where the drinks are hard and the ladies shimmer and shake, smarter than you, and who they go home with is a matter of opinion

Gad.  Tasty shit, and you're gonna bop yr socks of to these mighty sounds.  Don't take our word for it.  Listen for yr self, and get yr world blown out.  Seriously...crank it, and let yr speakers be damned.

They've got a new full length on Alien Snatch, called "Liar Liar".   And they've got a killer new 4-song 7" on Kind Turkey Records, called "Cherry Bomb" (oh yes indeed).

If you don't check these cats out, then why are you here?  'Cuz this is what we're all about.

From Liar, Liar

Wheels On Fire: Losin' (mp3)

Wheels On Fire: Looking At You (mp3)

From the "Cherry Bomb" 7"

Wheels On Fire: Black Wave (mp3)

From the Trouble In Mind 7"

Wheels On Fire: Come On Judy (mp3)

From  the Get Famous! Lp

Wheels On Fire: Can't Get A Line (mp3)

From Wheels On Fire Lp

Wheels On Fire:  Rock Bottom (mp3)

Oh, hell, buy 'em all.  Have we ever steered you wrong?

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