Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tinsel Ticklers

Howdy.  Welcome back to the Big Rock Holiday insanity.

On the weekends, we're gonna have a special treat for y'all.  A few years ago we posted some Xmas mixes featuring previously posted tunes.  Those proved to pretty popular with all y'all, so we're gonna keep it up this year.  Every weekend we'll have a fresh new shiny package under the tree. 

We think, modestly, that this first one's pretty swell.  Perfect for yr swingin' Yuletide party.  Just slap this sucker on the hi-fi and git to cuttin' some Christmas rug, nog in hand and mistletoe looming!

A Big Rock Candy Mountain Tinsel Tickler (download link follows track listing)

1. Don't All the Girls Get Prettier Around Christmas Time (Mickey Gilley)
2. All I Want For Christmas Is A Go Go Girl (Bey Ireland)
3. Merry Christmas Loopy Lu (The Kaisers)
4. Hee Haw Honey (Boxcar Willie)
5. Christmas In The Hills (Hylo Brown)
6. Fuck Christmas, I Got the Blues (The Legendary Tiger Man)
7. Your Christmas Whiskey (The Minus 5)
8. Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas (Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen)
9. Drinking Up Christmas (Dwarves)
10. The Wrong Way To Celebrate Christmas (Rev. Edward W. Clayborn)
11. Christmas In Prison (John Prine)
12. Soul Santa (Brooke Benton)
13. Boogaloo Santa Claus (J.D. McDonald)
14. Christmas Spirit (Julia Lee)
15. It's Christmas Time (Qualities/Sun Ra)
16. Santa Claus Shuffle (Tommy Scott)
17. Santa's Gonna Come In A Stagecoach (Buck Owens)
18. Honky Tonk Christmas (Dale Watson)
19. Santa's Gonna Shut 'Em Down (The Untamed Youth)
20. Momma Look, Santa Claus Is Crying (Stonewall Jackson)
21. I'm Waiting Up For Santa Claus (Nervous Norvous)
22. If Christmas Can't Bring You Home (Reigning Sound)
23. Christmas Stomp (The Stompers)

Big Rock Candy Mountain Tinsel Tickler (mp3)

Please support yr local, independent fir tree dealer this Holiday season.


Jon said...

thanks, Christmas is OK if you do it right.

Anonymous said...

You are the frikkin' MAN. This is killer.

Anonymous said...

the mix is sooooo good. wondering if you might gonna be posting these songs individually?

Anonymous said...

Aww man, I was late. Any chance this could get re-up'd?


Rev. Gary Davis said...

This one gone as well...might as well wrap the tinsel around my dick, and squeeze harder.