Thursday, September 02, 2004


hubris -
overbearing pride or presumption

I must confess. We are a nation of idiots. A wise man (men? woman? women?) once said, and i paraphrase, that we get what we deserve. George W. Bush is the president we deserve. I'm almost speechless (pun intended) after last nite's episode of the Republican National Convention. The blatant manipulation of truth and rhetoric was so obvious. Make no mistake: Veep Dick and Traitor Zell knew full well what they were doing, revelled in it, and didn't believe a word they were saying. You could see it in their eyes. Americans are becoming sheep, we step in line, and never, never, never question. Sheep. BAAAAAA. Tell us what do. Tell us how to vote. Don't tell us what we don't need, or want, to know. We're being lied to, the truth distorted, our rights raped, and We. Don't. Care. It's unpatriotic and unamerican to want our country to be more than a series of propaganda films? BAAAAAA, Sheep, BAAAAA.
We resolutely refuse to take responsibility for our own actions. Other countries don't hate "us". They hate what we've done to them, what we do to others, our hubris. Jesus, are we really so blind? So arrogant? BAAAAAAAAA.

The Democrats are no better, but I've already discussed their brand of idiocy in a previous post.

Voting for Bush or Kerry is naive. But we can only handle our entertainment in simple doses. We don't like to think. Nader may not be the answer, either. I honestly don't know. What I do know is two things: 1. My vote has never been, and never will be, for sale. 2. Canada's a nice place..... (yesyes, kneejerks....i know....). I'm really not sure if i want to be an American anymore. Seriously. I don't know what this country is now, what it's becoming. And i'm being told i should leave if i disagree with where we're going. But where we're going...i don't recognize it anymore. Sorry.

There are some great mp3's about W. here. Enjoy, i guess.

Tomorrow, i'm going to talk about a wonderful musician named Bill Fox. I'll put some of his songs up. They'll make everyone happy.


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