Monday, September 06, 2004

yr cowboy days

I wonder what Chuck D thinks of this?

Happy Birthday, Shannon. This here is for you.

I'd like to thank The Tofu Hut for linking me. If yr new here, please bear with me whilst I slooooooooowly work on making this site better (and feel free to offer comments on how I can improve the site. cheaply. Really, I like advice). I'm a bit of an ignant newbie at this. And if yr a regular reader here, get yr ass over to the Hut. It's a great site, and he's currently posting "drunk" songs. Very nice. While yr at it check out Modern Drunkard Magazine, straight outta Denver, CO, where if yr not drinking, well, yr not really doing anything. I oughta know, I lived there for 7 very wet years. Also, check down a few entries for the history of my blog name, and some appropriate mp3's (Tom Waits alert). Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Currently enjoying the 3rd and 4th books in the Thursday Next series. If yr a big fan of puns, literary references, and British humour from Jerome Jerome to Terry Pratchett, I would highly recommend checking the series out. I saw Jasper Fforde speak at the bookstore I worked at while living in Denver...he had me in tears, he was that good. They're a bit of a "lite" read, but you won't be disappointed.

The Willard Grant Conspiracy is one of my favorite bands. I once compared Robert Fisher's voice to the voice of god, wandering out of the deser chanting "repent". Still seems about right. The band (loosely, it's mostly Fisher and friends) unfortunately gets lumped in with the "alt-country, whatever that is" movement, which I think is a bit unfair. Sure, they've got fiddles and steels, and whatnot, but I'd put them closer to the Calexico/Richard Buckner brand of burnt desert tunes ( now there's a list I'd like to see people make). The band is a loose aggregation of fellow travelers, featuring such luminaries as Chris Brokaw, Edith Frost, and Kristen Hersh. You can find some great live mp3's at their homepage. Check it out. I'm going to toss on a song from 4 of their albums. Enjoy.

Willard Grant Conspiracy: Beyond the Shore (mp3)

Willard Grant Conspiracy: Split Tender (mp3)

Willard Grant Conspiracy: Notes From the Waiting Room (mp3)

Willard Grant Conspiracy: Color of the Sun (mp3)

(Click on song...go to from there. please)

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