Sunday, September 05, 2004

not sly fox

Bill Fox is a genius. At the risk of getting in some trouble...well, if yr a Guided By Voices fan (which I wholeheartedly am), I think Fox is a step above even Bob Pollard. There, I said it. Really. Whereas Bob has been known, at times, to need just a touch of editing (just being honest), Fox has released only two solo albums, both in 1998, since the breakup of his band The Mice. Both men share a love of lo-fi, highly infectious melodies, but where Pollard drifts toward Who-like bombast, Fox's style is more in keeping with the mellow-era Kinks meets Basement Tapes style Dylan. I don't think there's a wasted note or phrase in any of his too few songs.

To be honest, there's not much info about Fox on the internet. Scat Records has some info about The Mice, and some mp3's, although the only song by The Mice I'd recommend is "Not Proud of the USA", which you can download from the above link. Fox, like Pollard, is from Ohio, Fox being from the Cleveland area. I'm originally an Ohio boy, which may explain a bit. Here is some more info on one of his albums. There's a rumour that he's recording a new album, which I await with very bated breath. We'll see.

I put these songs up because I genuinely want people to buy his albums. Let him know that there's an audience for him...that the world needs another Bill Fox album. Go here to find his two solo albums, "Transit Byzantium" and "Shelter From the Smoke". You won't be disappointed, or I swear to god I'll give you yr money back. Yep.

It's hard to pick out just a few songs by Fox. These are my favorites at the moment, 2 from each album. (If anyone is reading this and has anymore info on Fox, for fuck's sake lemme know.)

Bill Fox: Thinking of You (mp3)

Bill Fox: When I Blow (mp3)

Bill Fox: Over and Away She Goes (mp3)

Bill Fox: Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel (mp3)

(Click on song....follow the hunt to the briefcase....slyly download from there)


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I, too, think Bill Fox is a genius. This is the first confirmation of that fact that I have ever gotten. So, thanks!