Thursday, March 17, 2005

No, Nay, Never

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

The Mountain doesn't work on St. Pat's.

We do, however, have a busy schedule.

So, quick, who are the Mountain's top three favorite musicians/bands? Free Irish mix cd to the first person to guess correctly (man, I'm just giving these things away). Aw, hell, I'll make it easy. Guess two, and I'm giving you one of them right below. This should be a walk in the park.


Blah blah blah to all the press, both negative and positive. I've already ranted once back a few months ago. Noone wants to hear it again. Just remember, it's his writing. The populist, the revisionist historian, the punk, the sentimentalist, the man mad in love and sadness. Worship at whatever altar you want, it's the music that matters. Yeah.

Pogues: Wild Rover (mp3)

Shane MacGowan and the Popes: Danny Boy (mp3)

Big Rock Candy Mountain in no way endorses having a few drinks early in the morning before posting one's blog. We do, however, endorse independent retailers, thinkers, and fiddle players.


Anonymous said...

Shane McGowan, Tom Waits & Mark Eitzel?

countrygrrl said...

great to here shane and the boys. When I wss in a band in Aberdeen in bonnie scotland we supported the Pogues and a wild and out of body experience it was. The dressing room was supposed to have 2 riders one for them and one for us...needless to say ours disappeared pronto and we had to ask some manager type to get us some beer. Shane was very apologetic saying that most of the beer had ended up being sprayed over the fans!!He also had a pechance for banging a tin pub tray over his head in time to the music...much appreciated by Aberdeen Punks . So happy memories and thanks for tracks.

Andy said...

Here is my obligatory St. Patrick's Day post. Have you heard of The Tossers? I thought you said you were from Northern IL.

My guess is The Pogues AND The Popes - but I haven't read you long enough.