Monday, March 07, 2005

Oh Lonesome Me

Later than usual post today. All apologies to the thousands of you eagerly awaiting. New quote up above (right under blog title). Same as usual. First to identify wins a brand spankin' new BigRockCandyMountain mix cd, made 'specially for you. Soon to be available on Ebay.

Nostalgic post today. It's been just a few days over a year that I left the safe confines of Denver, Colorado to move to the big ole city of Chicago. And I've been missing mightily most the grand country and western stylings of America's best-kept secret, Halden Wofford and the HiBeams. Gonna do a whole week shortly on Denver bands, and Halden figgers to figger prominently. Many was the drunken night at the glorious Skylark Lounge that the HiBeams would seranade with the finest of old time covers and originals. It was music that begged to be sung along to, and sing we did. Loudly and lustily. One of our favorites was Don Gibson's "Sea of Heartbreak".

Gibson's another one of them there country and western legends whose name you don't hear bandied about so much these days. An originator of the "Nashville Sound" of the 60's (not the crap you hear today), he's a member of both the Nashville Songwriter's Hall of Fame and, of course, the Country Music Hall of Fame. You may be familiar with some of the songs he's written: "Sweet Dreams", "Oh, Lonesome Me", "I Can't Stop Loving You", "One Day at a Time", and "Give Myself a Party". I'd say he's the closest thing C&W's got to an existential poet, plumbing the depths of loneliness in a big ole world moving on without him.

I dare you not to sing along. Bom Bom Bom Bom.

Don Gibson: Sea of Heartbreak (mp3)

Don Gibson: Oh, Lonesome Me (mp3)

The 'Mountain is a big fan of buying locally and independently.

Trash rock coming on Wednesday. Come on back.


eli said...

return of the grievous angel, dude. one of my favorite of gram parsons songs. i'm a sucker for lucinda williams, and her cover of it kills me.

bigrockcandymountain said...

you win! email me yr address, or the address you want the cd sent to you, at lucinda's version is great, too.

Andy said...

I love your picture choices.

Looks like I missed this week's quote again.

jamie said...

Where did this version of Oh Lonesome Me come from? Just curious, kinda like it.

bigrockcandymountain said...

the oh lonesome me tune comes from the Don Gibson cd "18 greatest hits" put out by Curb Records. keep tryin' y'all on the quotes. next one next monday. gonna be a little harder, but i'll give a hint.

Hazy Dave said...

"The news I could bring, I met up with a king, on his head, an amphetamine crown..." It took me years to decipher that line, for some reason!

As for Mr. Gibson, youngsters may be unaware of Neil Young's cover of "Oh Lonesome Me" on his third solo album. A very fine tune, and Neil's much slower tempo serves it most effectively.

Anonymous said...

New visitor here. I'm glad to see Don Gibson get some press. He's great. He's been a favorite for quite awhile. What a smoothe delivery!

Thanks for the great tunes!