Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sugar in My Bowl

Goodbye yellow brick bandwidth.

S'true. We have completely busted through my bandwidth allowance for the month. Gnashing of teeth to follow. Working on upgrading my package (heh) for next month, so fear not. More bandwidth, more muzak. Regular downloading service to resume on April 1st.

Til then? Well, since I doubt most come here to read the ramblings of a slightly crotchety crank, please join me in welcoming back, for a one week engagement only, our good friend YouSendIt. Yup. The world's favorite form of anarchy. The Sultan of Street, the Lonesome Cowboy, whatever.

Tomorrow's a very special day for the Mountain.

Today, though, I realize I haven't acknowledged the advent of Spring. Perhaps it's because, living in Chicago, we have yet to see any concrete evidence that the season actually exists. But Spring it is, nevertheless. Spring, a time when a young man's thoughts turn to things more...carnal. We're putting the Candy in the Mountain today (sorry, that was terrible).

I'm going to assume that visitors here like music. And if you like music, you already know who Bessie Smith is. If not, read more about her here and here. Or just google.

Roosevelt Sykes has been covered extensively elsewhere, particularly by Mr. Staggolee himself, Honey Where You Been So Long. A fantastic boogie-woogie pianist and bluesman.

Celebrate Spring with two filthynaughty little ditties, then.

Roosevelt Sykes: She Showed It All (mp3)

Bessie Smith: Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl (mp3)

(YouSendIt files (til April 1st). Click on target, download from site)

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ang said...

um, I'm probably too late for the quote, but that's Mr. Waits and Cold Cold Ground...

so wheeeeee.

erik hogstrom said...

Great tunes.
Your blog is excellent. Please keep sharing the old music. I would hate for it to become lost.

Donnie said...

I heartly endorse the Asylum Street Spankers version of Sugar in My Bowl. They'll be in Chicago at Martyr's on Wednesday. Go see 'em, you won't be disappointed!