Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Pub With No Beer

Congratulations to Doug who correctly guessed the quote above. I was thinking I'd have to give a clue or two. But no. The quote comes from J.P. Donleavy's masterwork novel, The Ginger Man. A tragically comic novel everyone should read.

Stereotype week continues at the Mountain.

Oddly enough, as Terry Eagleton points out in his book The Truth About the Irish, Ireland has one of the strongest temperance movements in the world. The myth that the entire country is full of besotted drunks is more than a little unfair. Perhaps it's the fact that Ireland's responsible for the best drinking songs that gives it it's reputation. And we love drinking songs of all kinds here at the Rock.

What we don't like is Riverdance. Ugh.

The Dubliners are legends, of course. You know them. Some of their "guest star" albums get a bit tedious, but they've sort of earned the right to do whatever the hell they want. It's the standards that I like the best, just the band and their instruments. "Traditional" Dubliners today, then.

The Dubliners: Whiskey In the Jar (mp3)

The Dubliners: The Pub With No Beer (mp3)

Gee, wonder who I'm gonna post tomorrow?

Big Rock Candy Mountain knows, from personal experience, folks don't have the dough to buy every damn album they want. But if you can spare a dime, try shopping locally. Help save the record store nerds of the world.


sebast said...

incidentally there is an Australian country song by the same name... by an legendary artist by the name of Slim Dusty. Apparently it was even based on a true story...

Brownie said...

re J P Donleavy's Ginger Man: in 1991 I met an English guy in LA who was trying to get his screenplay of it filmed. he said he had made 3 trips over 10 years and would never give up.

re the Australian Gordon Parsons composition 'Pub With No Beer' famously recorded by the Late & Legendary Slim Dusty aka Gordon Kirkpatrick - the song is a monument in Australia.

I wish Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thornton and Sophie Tucker had made the kind of money that Kylie Minogue has.