Monday, March 14, 2005

Whiskey You're the Devil

I'm pretty sure I was at Chicago's South Side Irish Parade yesterday. If anyone saw me, or has pictures to prove it, please let me know. I've got some space in my day yesterday that I need to account for.

New quote up above. Just a reminder for new visitin' folks: First to guess (or google) the quote wins a free, all expenses paid vacation to the Big Rock, via a specially made mix cd. Made 'specially just for you. Last week's winners: yr cd's are shipping this afternoon.

Please consider hopping over to Honey Where You Been So Long to celebrate Stagolee week. Gonna be good, methinks.

There a way too many great Irish bands and songs to get to in one week, much less several years o'blogging. Nevertheless, this week I'm gonna put up a few of my favorites. A few. Not feeling real swift today, so's I'm keeping this short.

I posted about the Clancy Brothers back in December. Having emigrated to America from Ireland back in the 40's, the Brothers have since, in many ways, become the voice of the expatriate Irish-American community.

Drink well.

Clancy Brothers: Whiskey You're the Devil (mp3)

Clancy Brothers: The Real Ould Mountain Dew (mp3)

Please get yr pints at yr local Irish-owned pub of choice.


Doug Spalding said...

Would that be J.P. Donleavy?

bigrockcandymountain said...

Well, holy mumblin' are correct, sir. More accurately, Mr. Sebastian Dangerfield in the fantastic "Ginger Man" as written by Donleavy, but I'm giving it to you. That was supposed to be a tough one. I was afeard I'd have to give clues. Email me at with the address you want the cd sent to, and it shall be yours.

Andy said...

I'll have a St. Patrick's day post soon.